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Itty Bitty   Itty Bitty (Female Artist)Nancy McMillian was born January 17 1996 who goes by the name of Itty Bitty. Shes an upcoming (Female Artist) from Milwaukee Wisconsin who under a ungerground lable named TUG Ent.
Her Artist name comes from people all around who always call her small or short so shes thinking I minus well call myself Itty Bitty. She started singing and rapping at the age of 12 and is looking forwarding
to take her craft very far. 
Personal Life
Itty Bitty was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin from the East and there really aint no upcoming Female Artist in milwaukee so she basiclly tring to be the first Female from Milwaukee to hit mainstream. 
She Has 1 brother who also raps named Mely Mel. She grew up around people who make music for a living such as Jay Dinero Bandz. They knew each other since she was 13 and by the age of 14
she seen Jay Dinero Bandz making music and rapping so she told him "man look i sing and rap to bro put me on" He aint beleive her at first until she spit rhymes for him he was amazed.
So he introduce her to the studio and took her serious and since then they been partners in crime.
Music Career

Itty Bitty started singing rapping at the age of 12, she used to rap about simple things. As she grew, so did her rhymes. When she saw fellow Rockford IL Rapper Jay Dinero Bandz posting his songs on facebook, twitter, audiomack, soundcloud, reverbnation and hulkshare she hit him up to find out where she could record some of her songs so she could put em up on the net. Jay Dinero Bandz introduced her to Sin Ona Track and KiddLunnii Ona Track, and she soon started recording. While in the studio with TUG, everyone around hercomplimented her on her music and lyrics including Dee Bands, Chuck Taylor and Yung Stakkz. Itty Bitty lists K Michelle, Tink, Lady Rich Kids, Dej Loaf and Nicky Minaj as her musical influences. She also claim that she wants to leave her audience feeling the same way she feels when she hear her music Happy.


Itty Bitty Songs
Itty Bitty Is Known For Her Songs "Pussy Full Of Sins" x "Kush Is What Im Smokin On" x " and "Peace Of Mind" ft Dee Bands & Jay Dinero Bandz Click This Link It Will Bring You To His Site Where You Can Check It Out ( https://soundcloud.com/ittyy_bittyy )
Itty Bitty Squad

She Call Her Team TUG Which Stands For Turn Up Gang Because They Turn Up Everyday Turn Down For What, Click This Link It Will Take You To There Page ( https://www.facebook.com/TUGBrn ) Click This Link It will Take You To There Group Page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/583295098364619/ ) There Code Is 1031 Which Stands For Halloween Oct 31st Which There Slogan Is Everyday Is Halloween, Halloween Was The Day TUG Was Created TUG Members: Jay Dinero Bandz,Yung Stakkz,Itty Bitty, Dee Bands, Bert B White, Chuck Taylor, So'Icy MoMo, Shiesty Nines Tooney, Taliecha, Static, Cee Murda, Hu Santana, Cash Cripz, Mely Mel AND MORE! 

The Death Of Cee Murda
Cee Murda Was Born Corniel Delaney And Was a Member Of TUG From #097 Shiesty 9's Born From Rockford Illinois And Died In Illinois, They Say He Killed Himself But His Family Dosent Believe He Wound Do Sum Like This So They Bound To Get Revenge. His Family Still Remember His Legacy And Still Keep His Name Alive With The Slang MurdaWorld and Long Live Cee Murda

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