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In the field is a term often heard from rappers whom are in gansta rap or drill music. The word ‘field’ is used to generally describe any profession that falls within the criminal field such as a robbing, gang banging, killing, etc. So the slang version of the term ‘in the field’ is used to describe anyone who partakes in the criminal underworld. Living in an area that’s rampant with crime and gang members doesn’t mean you’re in the field, in order to claim you’re in the field, you have to be a criminal yourself. In Lil Jay’s song ‘Who The F*ck is Dude’, he says “He ain’t really in that field, All that sh*t he rap about, man that’s not for real”.

In the field is also a military term used to indicate when a soldier is not on base, but out doing drills and such in remote location where they will have limited access to their daily items such as cell phones, computers.

The field also refers to the southern states where Black ancestors worked in the fields as slaves.

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