IceJJFish IceJJFish (Ice JJ Fish) was born Daniel McLoyd in Aurora, Illinois. He is a musician that became popular online for being so bad at singing and rapping. IceJJFish is often compared to William Hung, an American Idol contestant who gained instant fame for being such a terrible singer. One of IceJJFish’s songs was featured on WorldStarHipHop, a hip hop website, and soon after, his popularity exploded. Critics have a hard time figuring out if IceJJFish is being serious, because while his singing abilities are described as terrible, he seems to be very serious about his singing career in his videos. In a video titled “I sing With 100 Voices”, Ice JJ Fish said "I'm starting to make good music ... I like to put my voices together ... I have a lot of voices in my voice”. Though IceJJFish sings R&B and rap songs, most of his latest songs have been of the R&B genre.

IceJJFish’s most popular song to date is “On The Floor”. He released a video for the song which displayed some of the qualities responsible for his success, terrible dancing and singing. While most people are focusing on his terrible singing and dancing, they’re overlooking one fact, IceJJFish is a marketing genius. As of this wiki’s last edit, IceJJFish has 250,000 subscribers on Youtube, about 150,000 followers on twitter, and close to half a million followers on Instagram. IceJJFish also sells his songs on itunes, though there are no available information on the number of songs he sold, it’s fair to assume he makes a decent amount. To sum it up, while people are wasting their time criticizing and making fun of IceJJFish, they’re really just making him more successful.

Ice JJ Fish – On The Floor Video


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