How To Create And Edit Wiki Pages

Getting Started

When creating a page, find the box on the left side of the screen titled "Create New Wiki", enter the title of the new page, and then hit the "Create/Edit" button.

Creating or editing wiki pages is very simple, this page will show you how to create a wiki page as well as how to do basics stuff such as adding pictures or youtube videos. Click on the tabs at the top of this page to learn some of the basic functions to create a wiki page. Please be mindful of the below policies and rules because we strictly abide by them.

  • DON'T PLAGIARIZE - Please don't copy and paste documents from other sites to wikis, what you can do instead is, rewrite the article in your own words, anything that's copied from another website will be automatically deleted when it's found.

  • Language - All articles must be in English, and please avoid using profanities unless necessary.

  • Articles can be of any topic as long as it's not pornographic. Though you can write about anything, we prefer topics that relate to Hip Hop.

  • Make sure wikis you create are easy to understand. Also, try to have them be 300+ words whenever possible.

  • Not following rules may lead to account termination, especially when it comes to plagiarism.

  • Now that you have some of the more important rules down, click on a tab at the top of the page to see how to create/edit wiki pages.


Page Title

When selecting a page title, please try to be as descriptive as possible. Below are samples for certain pages. Avoid using special characters such as (,?,/, etc. unless absolutely necessary. Also

  • Bio - Use the individual's name. If a page with the same name already exists, or the individual has a common name such as "50 Cent", add their profession at the end of their name, ex. "50 Cent (Rapper)"
  • Slangs and Definitions - For definitions, use this format (Word or phrase being defined (Slang Meaning), feel free to substitute 'meaning' for 'definition' when appropritate, for example "Yolo (Slang Meaning)" or "Yolo (Slang Definition)".
  • Gangs - When creating a wiki for a gang, if it's a major gang such as the 'Gangster Disciples', only the name of the gang needs to be used in the title, unless the gang's name is a very common word, such as 'Bloods', in this case please use this format Bloods (Gang). If it's a gang set or click, use this format "Set Name (Gang Name Set)" ie. "600 (Black Disciples Gang Set".


Wiki Editor Buttons

When creating a wiki page, you have two options on what editor to use. Though they're very similar, one's a bit easier. You will automatically get the "WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)" editor, this is the easiest one because all edits you make automatically shows, as oppose to the other one which is the 'Wiki editor(wiki codes)' which is a bit more technical. To switch between Editors use the button pictured above.

Apart from the "Wiki Editor Choice" button, most of the other ones are self explanatory, when you hover over any buttons in the editor, it will name its function. For the buttons that are complicated, I've added their own tabs explaining how to use them. The below pic will show you some of the buttons you will most likely use to edit/create a wiki page.

\\ Add images here

Adding Images

Adding images/pictures looks tricky at first, but it's very simple. When adding a picture to a wiki page, click where you want the picture to show, it will usually be at the top of the page, so click in front of first set of text on the page. Then click the "Choose or upload images" (#1)icon.

\\ Add images here




A popup box will open, click on "Browse" and select your file from your computer, then click upload file.

\\ Add images here

Once the file is done uploading click on 'Click Here To Insert The File'. This will automatically insert the newly uploaded file in the wiki page.

\\ Add images here 

When a file is inserted into a wiki page, it's automatically set to align to the right with a '300' width. You can change to settings by right clicking on the image, and select "Tiki Plugin". Some options will come up, be aware if you make any changes to picture, all the settings that are preset will dissapear, therefore you will have to pick a new width and alignment, if not the picture will be back to its original size. The picture below show you the options that you should change.

The first is the image width, enter a number there, such as 300. Alternate Tex(2) is the text that appears when someone can't acces the image, use words that describe it such as 'Man Driving'. Align Image(3) dictates what position the image is going to appear. It's automatically set to the right, until you change it. When you're done making the changes, hit Insert(4), and the changes will take place.
\\ Add images here


When you contribute new articles to the hip hop wiki database, you will be awarded with points. You can use those points for various things on the site, visit our "Free Hip Hop Promotion" page for more info.

We also have a user rankings page which shows our top users.



\\ Add images here Linking to a page is simple, first highlight the word you wish to use as the anchor text, then click on the linking icon which is shown below. After clicking on it while the word(s) is highlighted, a popup screen will show. The first box (show this text) will show your highlighted word(s), the second box (link to this page) will be blank, click on the second box and start typing the page's name, some pre-fill options will start showing, you just have to select the appropriate page (please make sure the page is the actual page you wish to link to, some of them might have similar names, though completely different). Now click insert, and a link should be created. If there are any other box in the pop up screen, don't worry about it, they're not important.

One essential part of our wikipedia is its linking system. When users are reading on a topic, they likely will be interested in similar topics. When writing/editing a wiki page, if the page mentions a any term with an already created wiki page, please link to it.




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