Hot Nigga (Definition)

Hot Nigga (Hot Boy) is a slang term used to describe anyone who's selling drugs or affiliated with any drug activities in an area. The term hot is widely used to refer to any place/person affiliated with drug dealings. For instance any place that's known for drug dealings is referred to as a hot spot. The term hot nigga comes from the idea that anyone with drugs on them will attract cops. Tough the term was created to refer to individuals dealing drugs, some people use the term hot nigga for anyone that's attracting cops through illegal activities.

Bobby Shmurda released a song titled "Hot Nigga" in 2014, the song starts with Bobby saying "In truey, I'm some hot nigga," he then proceeds to inform his audience that he's a drug dealer by saying "And if you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house - I been selling crack since like the 5th grade."

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