HML (Slang Meaning)

HML is an acronym widely used on the internet, especially while chatting. The HML slang has numerous meaning,its definition depends on the conversation taking place. Below is a list of the different meanings.

  • HML: Hate My Life, this is one of its most popular usage, when someone is talking to someone online and they share some bad news, they might say 'HML' to express how they feel about the situation. This usage of the acronym 'HML' is similar to someone saying 'FML' (F*ck My Life).
  • HML: Hit My Line, when someone is chatting with another individual and they feel it will be best if they talk it over the phone, they might just tell the other individual to 'HML' (Hit My Line).
  • HML: 'Hurt(/ing) Myself Laughing', When someone finds something funny, they might say 'HML' to express how funny whatever object of discussion is. For example, someone might say, "I can't believe he actually did that, HML.

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