Fredo Santana

Fredo Santana was born “Derrick Coleman” in July 4th 1990. He was currently a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Santana is Chief Keef’s older cousin, he is a co-CEO of Chief Keef’s record label Glory Boyz Entertainment(GBE). Fredo Santa is well known for his trap style of music, and a tattoo of a cross in his forehead. Fredo Santana like many of his fellow GBE members is associated with the criminal gang known as the “Black Disciples”. Santana can be heard saying the words “3Hunna” “300” in many of his songs. “3Hunna” and “300” are both alternate names that Black Disciples members refer to themselves and each other as. Fredo Santana passed away on January 20, 2018 from a seizure.

Music career

Fredo Santana initially didn’t take music too serious, he claimed on an interview with Blowhiphoptv that he constantly put off studio sessions using numerous excuses. Santana became inspired after realizing how focused his cousin Chief Keef was toward music. Fredo Santana ended up serving time for illegal possession of a weapon, while incarcerated he claim numerous people came up to him to inform him of Chief Keef’s success with songs such as “3Hunna”. After being release from jail, he promised himself that he would take full advantage of the opportunity, he bought some remy and a couple of Ls and went straight to Chief Keef’s house.

Fredo Santana, like many rappers that appeared in Chief Keef’s ‘I don’t Like’ video, gained a lot of popularity after Lil Reese was heard saying "Fredo In the Cut (That's a Scary Sight)," in the song. Fredo Santana’s first mixtape is actually titled ‘It’s a scary Site’ and was realeased in September 2012. Fredo Santana’s first mixtape contained numerous hit tracks such as ’Gang Bang’ and ‘My Lil N*ggas’ which featured both Lil Reese and Chief Keef. Fredo Santana ended up realeasing a video for just about every songs on that mixtape, and they all did pretty well. On February 28, 2013, Fredo released his second mixtape, which was titled ‘Fredo Kruger’. Fredo Kruger contained production from 808 Mafia, Mike WiLL Made It, and of course Young Chop, the producer of Chief Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’.


Sometime in early 2013, Fredo Santana posted a shocking picture of his father and him when he was a baby. The picture shows his dad holding him in his left hand, and holding a gun on his right hand while smiling for the camera. Fredo Santana wrote that he believes this is the reason why he loves gun so much “#TBT me and my pops this when I feel in love wit gunz I guess this y I love gunz so much lol,”.

Fredo Santana Death

Fredo Santana died on January 20, 2018 from a seizure according to family members. He's been battling a lean addiction and was battling liver and kidney problems for months.

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