15 year old Jonathan La Valle is an upcoming Chicago drill rapper known as "FamoussJayy". Growing up on the block of 63rd and Albany, him and his family moved to a finer place of the Scottsdale area near 83rd and Pulask for a better lifestyle.

Throughout his life he became more familiar with Chicago's "drill movement", listening to it's music. Throughout his earlier years he became highly influenced by this music. He favors listening to Black Disciple members rather than anyone else with the exception of few (mainly due to the fact that most of the people he asorted himself with were in that affiliation).

La Valle enjoyed playing basketball with his friends in the day and doing illegal things at night. Basketball faded as high school came his way and he started living up to be Chicago's definition of a "savage". Listening to drill music aspired him and his friends to rap about their lives just as the drill rappers do. 

Jonathan and his crowd thought of ideas of how to make themselves become big celebrities. They tried putting out songs on the internet, recording of phones and playing the beat in the background. Jonathan decided to invest in this ongoing legacy and purchase a microphone, that he still uses to this day, and download studio software on his computer at home. He now has a home studio for him and his friends can record on.

Now, attending Curie Highschool, FamoussJayy is trying to live the dream of becoming a famous rapper, attempting to take his friends with him on the road to fame.

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