El Komander

El Komander El Komander is a Mexican narco-corridos singer whom is despise by Mexican Authorities for his songs which tend to praise cartel members. Narco-corridos is a genre of music which glorifies drug and violence as well as other acts often deem despicable by authorities. El Komander's music is highly popular with Mexicans living in the United States, he has numerous videos for songs on youtube which have received millions of views. Some of his songs include "100 Gunshots to the Armor", "The Executioner" and "New Mafia". His songs typically speak of cartel crimes, as well as cartel leaders such as Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

El Komander VS Mexico

As Mexico is in the midst of a brutal war against the Cartels, many regions in Mexico whom are dealing with cartel violence are angry about El Komander's songs which they believe will only encourage the violence to continue. El Komander was fined 100,000-peso ($7,700) in The northern state of Chihuahua which is dealing with war between the cartels over turf decided to fine him 100,000-peso ($7,700). The central state of Morelos, which is also dealing with wars by cartels over turf, recently banned him from doing any performance.

While many authorities despise El Komander's music, he claims that his songs are merely a reflection of what is going on in Mexico. During an interview, he said "I sing party and fiesta songs" and "I don't promote anybody. My music simply is music. My words don't come from space or Mars. It is what we Mexicans talk about".

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