Drill is a slang word that originated in Chicago, Illinois. The term drill has various meanings, but according to rap artist King Louie, the term was coined by his friend “P-Pac” and originally meant to “Do a murder or shooting”. P-Pac likely coined the term because of the similarities between a gun and a drill; while a drill is defined as “a hand tool, power tool, or machine with a rotating cutting tip or reciprocating hammer or chisel, used for making holes”, a gun in the other hand, shoots out projectile which also make holes in the intended target.

Individuals who do drills are often called drillas, or hittas. The term drill gained mainstream recognition due to the rise of ‘Drill Music” which also originated from Chicago. Drill music came after the drill slang term was coined. Many rappers in the drill scene often talk of doing drills in their songs, such as Lil Reese whom had a song titled “Let’s do a Drill”.

The interesting thing about the term drill is that it was a slang word before Chicago started using it with the above meaning. For example when a man is penetrating a girl during sexual intercourse, that is often refer to as drilling them. Drill is also used to describe any action that’s considered routine or standard practice, for example “You know the drill, now hit the share button, and let your friends know what’s up”.

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