Doodie-Broski Lyrics


All these n*ggas screaming Broski
Tryna shake my hand you dont know me
Back then you didn’t know me
Say you bout that action gotta show me (x2)

(Verse 1)

N*ggas b*tches they so phony
Keep it moving mothaf*cka you don’t know me
All these b*tches wanna f*ck me
I dont wana f*ck but you can suck me
Come around just to smoke weed
I ratha smoke my own dope till I OD
When we was young i aint f*ck wit ya
Now a n*gga rapppin wanna do a song wit me
That bread gotta pay that, I be chargin n*ggas just to say blatt
Move around mothaf*cka you don’t know me,
Its blatt gang b*tch free the broskis


(Verse 2)

Homie broke bad, he was my homie
I thought he was official kinda like ah broski
Boy u kno i know yo past rite
You aint bout that, you aint wit that blatt life
Wasnt wit me back then, should’ve listen to my mama i ain’t got friends
Everybody wanna be a star, you ain’t got what it take and u need to stop
N*ggas hate cuz doodie stand out
Yall hating bum ass n*ggas got ya hand out
Want action gotta show me
Tweak on us we’ll smoke u like sum OG

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