Doja Montana aka Doja is an up and coming rapper from Jackson,Ms,USA. He is part of the group O.H.B 187/Co gang.His real name is Andrew Dozier-Lee. He was raised by His mother and grandmother an his father has been absent since he was a kid. Doja montana aka Doja went to a private school then after his grades started to fall he had to go to Altenative school where he learned how to deal drugs an learned how to stand up for himself. Doja montana aka Doja was always sheltered by his grandmother an when he finally started hanging out with kids he was getting teased an was considered scary and a lame private school boy, but as he got older he learned the rules of the streets an learned that you have to be on top of your game or fall an be a victim. He has a few songs he's working on that haven't been released yet.His friends which also are his group members have songs already out on youtube and soundcloud.These members names are Joesph summage aka Dakool aka Jcool,Ken Outnawf,Yung Jo aka 12 blunts aka johanssen,G5 supafly aka Filithy Gerald, these rappers are on soundcloud an ken Outnawf is on Youtube.Be on the Look out for Doja montana an these rappers from O.H.B 187

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