Devon Varner

Devon Varner whom went by the nickname 'Dthang' was a member of the 600 set of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago, IL. He was murdered on September 13, 2011 by rival gang members at the age of 18. According to police reports, Devon Varner's killer approached him while he was in a car and pointed a gun at him, Varner manaaged to drive away without any injuries. But later that day, Devon Varner crossed path with the gunman again on King Drive, Varner tried to run but was shot in the back; Varner was brought to Stroger Hospital but later died as a result of his injuries.

Christopher Hughes was charged with the murder of Devon Varner. Police reports stated that during the shooting incident, Hughes told Devon Varner "This is for Hottie". Hottie (Rodney King) was a rival gang member from Jaro City that was murdered on September 2008.

The 600 set of the BDs decided to adopt the name D-Block in honor of Devon Varner.

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