DeSean Pittman

Desean Pittman was a 17 year old man from Chicago, Illinois, whom was killed by police after he allegedly pointed his weapon at them. According to authorities, officers heard multiple gunshot wounds, when they arrived at the scene, they found DeSean Pittman standing over 22 year old Amelio Johnson whom was wounded by gun shots. Prior to police arrival, there was a shootout between Desean and another individual which resulted in 3 people being injured by gunshots and another dead.

Desean Pittman Gang

Desean Pittman was an alleged gang member from Mixx Mobb, a gang set in Chicago. In a youtube video, Desean can be seen confronting a rival Black Disciple gang member from Whiz City on a bus. The video starts with Desean squaring up with the BD gang member, but Desean quickly overpowers him and ends up stomping him in the head a few times. While exiting the bus after the fight, Desean can be heard saying “BD ass n*gga, BDK.”

Desean Pittman Death

According to authorities, on August 24, 2014, police officers responding to shots fired found Desean Pittman standing over Amelio Johnson after shooting him. Three individuals in total were shot by Desean Pittman in total, one of them, Amelio Johnson, later died as a result of his injuries.

Desean Pittman Funeral

Five individuals, including Desean’s mother, were arrested on felony charges after a candlelight vigil for Desean Pittman turned violent. According to authorities, an individual in the gathering pointed and yelled "That's the rookie motherf*cker that killed him,” which led the crowd to start chanting "Kill the rookie,” and “CPDK.” Authorities claim the crowd quickly turned violent and started hurling objects at officers, and one individual attempted to run over one of the officers.

While the police accused those in the gathering for starting the violence, those in attendant claim it was the other way around. According to Desean’s Grandmother, Sharon White, the officers provoked the violent reaction and said the following on the situation, "The police officer kicked over a candle and said 'Awww, too bad he's dead.'” Desean’s grandfather said the following on what started the altercation, "As the crowd grew, the police presence grew, and once that officer went over there and snatched those posters down and started stomping out those candles, that was it.”

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