Dart Gang

Dart Gang

Dart Gang is a nickname adopted by certain Black Disciples gang members in Chicago as an honor for one of their fallen members named Dart who died of head trauma. When gang members die in Chicago, it's very common for fellow gang members they were close with to adopt nicknames in their honor, the nickname can be for their gang, such as 'Dart Gang' or their turf such as "O-Block" Also With allies Dblock. Dart Gang is and select few who would kill for the fallen member Dart . 

Dart Gang has been mentioned in numerous rap songs by Black Disciple rappers such as 'John Madden' by ((Chief Keef|Chief Keef(300 (Gang)|300 ))member), in which he says "Dart gang, it's a dart game". Lil Reese (300 Member) also mentioned Dart in his song "Letz Do A Drill" in which he says "Just lost Dart, so you know I'm going ludicrous".

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