Cracking Cards (Bank Scam)

Cracking Cards is a scam which involves depositing a stolen/counterfeit check into someone's bank account and then using their debit card to withdraw the money before the bank realizes what's going on. Authorities believe this scam started in the South Side of Chicago and has been on the rise throughout the United States. This scam is believed to be costing banks millions of dollars every year.

How the Scam Works

Authorities claim that scammers often target cash strapped individuals, especially college students whom authorities believe make up as much as 25 percent of the victims. They often lure them into giving them their card and pin number by promising them a small cash amount upfront. Authorities claim scammers are also using social media to advertise their service and telling potential victims that they will deposit money in their bank account and they can keep a portion of it. Victims of this scam are often left with nothing but negative balances in their bank accounts since the checks are fake.

Cracking Cards and Drill Music

Drill Music which also started in the South Side of Chicago often have rappers glorifying cracking cards along with other criminal activities conducted by gang members in Chicago. In Lil Bibby's How We Move song featuring King Louie, Louie says "Balling hard no sub sh*t - Cracking cards all dub sh*t." In Chief Keef's Balling song, he raps, " I be countin’ them stacks - Crackin’ cards, get back - I gets me a big check."

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