Carlton TuTu Archer

Carlton “TuTu” Archer was a 17 year old member of the St Lawrence Boys, an Insane Black Disciples and Insane Gangster Disciples gang located in Chicago’s South Side, whom was found dead in an alley by a man walking his dog. TuTu was shot multiple times, and died as a result of bullet wounds to the head and torso. As a tribute to Carlton TuTu Archer, members of the St Lawrence Boys adopted the nickname Tu-Tu gang in his honor; TuTu was Carlton Archer’s nickname.


Though Archer’s mother believe that his son was not a gang member, but merely had friendship with individuals whom were part of a gang, authorities believed that his death was a reason of gang violence. It is not uncommon for gangs to murder individuals due to their affiliations with known gang members.

TuTu’s funeral, a time for the dead to rest in peace, was marked by gunfire from rival gang members. The shooting at TuTu’s funeral prompted the Minister to climb on top of his roof and remain there for 11 days. When he came down, he claim he did so for the same reason he went up, another child became a victim of the harsh streets of Chicago, meaning another mother needed comfort.


Since Tu-Tu’s death, numerous gang members from the St Lawrence Boys, have become well known rappers in a group known as Fly Boy Gang, and can often be heard paying homage to Carlton “TuTu” Archer. Though TuTu is often praised by members of his gang, he’s often ridiculed by rappers from rival gangs, most notably Black Disciple rappers such as Chief Keef,

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