Captain Save A Hoe (Meaning)

Captain Save A Hoe is slang for men (simps) that waste their time, asset, and dignity to help out a hoe. Captain Save A Hoe is a Hip Hop song released by rapper E-40 featuring The Click. The song details what a Captain Save A Hoe is, in it, E-40 raps "Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane - What's that n*gga's name? - Captain save a ho, mayne! - More faster than a speeding bullet - To put on his cape his card."

Captain Save A Hoe Activities

  • Putting off their responsibilities to help a hoe
  • Going in debt spending money on hoes
  • Risking their health to protect a hoe

Women and Captain Save A Hoe

Captain Save A Hoe often waste time on these hoes in an attempt at love, even though the whole block done run through her. Captain Save A Hoe often end up in the friendzone, if they do a good enough job.

E-40 Ft The Click - Captain Save A Hoe (Video)

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