Buck 50 (Slang Meaning)

Buck 50 ($1.50) is a slang term often used by gang members to refer to any cuts to the face that requires more than 150 stitches. A buck 50 is often used by gang members to permanently disfigure and humiliate rivals. While the term is mostly used to refer to long cut to the face by sharp objects such as a knife or blade, it’s sometime used to refer to any large cuts on the body.

Buck 50 also stands for $1.50 or simply 150 when used to refer to money.

Buck 50 Examples

In Tupac’s Hip-Hop song, Pain, he raps “On the lookout for my enemies, don't wanna die, tell me why - ‘Cause this stress is gettin' major - A buck 50 across the face with my razor.”
In Rich The Kidd’s Hip-Hop song, Lost It, he raps, “Cuban Link cost a buck 50.” Rich The Kidd is saying his chain (Cuban Link) cost 150 thousand dollars.

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