Bo Deal

Bo Deal Bo Deal was born “Billy Deal” in Chicago, Illinois. He is a rapper and part of the Drill music movement, which has been gaining steam ever since rapper Chief Keef became famous thanks in part to his song ‘I Don’t Like’. Bo Deal is also a member of the Mafia Insane Vice Lords gang in Chicago which is a fraction of the Vice Lords gang. To date, he has released numerous mixtapes which include “Good Side, Bad Side”, “Chicago Code:Gang Related”, “Revelations”, Chicago Code 2”, and “Chicago Code:Revelations“ among others.

Bo Deal is affiliated with Wacka Flocka’s label ‘Brick Squad Monopoly’ though he’s not signed to it. According to Bo Deal, he still owns 100 percent of his materials unlike other artists that are signed to ‘Brick Squad monopoly’. Bo Deal has his own label which is called “Ground Up Productions” which include artists such as Mac Mecca, BFN, female rapper Mellow G Blanc, Eddie Low, Vi Lord, Ghetto Tone, Lil One, C-Lo, Paper Boy, and Capone. Bo Deal claims that 2K Beats are his producers, 2K Beats is made up of A-Wall and Cisero.

Bo Deal started rapping in prison, while he was locked up, he was playing around and dropping some bars when some security guards claim they didn’t like rap music, but he sounded pretty good. Bo Deal then decided to enter the talent show in his prison with his cousin A Wall to display their talents to their fellow inmates. Upon his release from prison, Bo Deal decided to take rapping seriously and made a video titled “Ghetto Passes” which ended up in the hands of BET, they later invited Bo Deal to come participate on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday, he won for 1 month straight.

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