Blue Fin Black Disciples

The Blue Fin Black Disciples (Also known as Blue Fin Five Disciples) is a renegade faction of the Black Disciple Nation gang. The exact history of the Blue Fin Black Disciples is not too clear and there isn’t much documentation of their history. They were created around the year 2000 by former Black Disciples Marvel Thomson (King Vel), whom was 2nd in command for the Black Disciples at that time.

Around the year 2000, Marvel Thomson made a daring move to have multiple sets of the Black Disciples located in the South Side of Chicago break away from the Black Disciple Nation and become allies of the People Nation; Black Disciples are traditionally members of the Folk Nation. The Blue Fins are also called the “Blue Fin Five Disciples” because the People nation use the 5 pointed star as a symbol, as oppose to the 6 pointed star used by the Folk Nation. Marvel Thomson also had the Blue Fin Black Disciples adopt Islamic beliefs that many gangs in the People Nation follow, especially the Black P. Stones.

It’s unclear as to why ‘King Vel’ decided to break away from the Black Disciples, but many have speculated it was due to the poor relation the Black Disciples had with many of the gangs in the Folk Nation, especially the Gangster Disciples. Upon joining the People Nation, the Blue Fins started following the People nation bylaws and developed strong relations with the Black P Stones and the Mickey Cobras. The main enemies of the Blue Fins are the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples.

Some people have speculated that the creation of the Blue Fins is the reason Jerome "Shorty" Freeman, the then leader of the Black Disciples, stepped down, however, those close with law enforcement, claim he did so in an attempt to get out of prison early, he resigned as leader of the Black Disciples in April 2000.

As time passed, though the Blue Fin Black Disciples are still active, numerous people claim that certain sets of the Blue Fin Black Disciples have decided to reunite with the Black Disciple Nation.

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