The Bloods a.k.a the "Red Nation" are an African-American/Black street gang alliance started in the City of Compton in Los Angeles County, California in 1972. Female members of the Bloods are called Bloodettes. By late 1971 the Crip alliance was already very well established on the streets of Los Angeles County. In this same year the Avalon Garden Crips and the Inglewood Crips had joined forces with other Crip sets and began to target innocent civilians with random acts of severe violence for what appeard to be no reason at all. The Crips also began expanding in to non-Crip set territories controlled by other independent street gangs (gangs not in an alliance) including The L.A. Brims.

The L.A. Brims started in 1969 on the west side of the City of Los Angeles and was also already a powerful independent organization by 1971. The Crips targeted these independent gangs because they were not part of the Crip alliance or any other street gang alliance and therefore lacked the strength in numbers that the Crips alliance had and were easy targets. The Piru Street Boys, who already represented a powerful force in the City of Compton at this time, actually collaborated with the Crips prior to 1972. A little known fact is that for a short time period the Pirus joined the Crips alliance as the Piru Street Crips, and they also wore the traditional blue flags of the Crip alliance and flagged to the left. 

Blood Info:

Gang NameBloods
TerritoryUS NationWide, Canada, Belize, Caribbean, Europe, and other countries                       
Years Active1972-Present                                                    
EthnicityPredominantly Black                                                          
SymbolsLetter B                                                                                 
AliasesThe Mob, Damu, Dogs 
PhrasesBlood Love All The Time                                  
Criminal ActivitiesDrug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, prostitution, boosting
AlliesBlack P.Stones, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Nortenos, Zoe Pound, Black Guerrilla Family, Black Mafia Family, Netas, Crips (certain sets), Gangster Disciples (certain sets), and Black Disciples                                                                          
EnemiesFolk Nation, Surenos, Asian Boyz, White Supremacist gangs, and Trinitarios


Blood History

During the summer of 1972 the Piru Street Crips had a conflict with the rest of the Crip gangs and and a bloody war was started that would soon make history. The conflict was over a murder the Crips had committed on March 21st of that year at the Hollywood Palladium. After a concert at the Palladium, up to 20 Crips from various different Crip gangs attacked a small group of neutral young men and robbed them of their wallets and leather Jackets. During this attack a young man by the name of Robert Ballou Jr. was beat to death after he refused to give up his Jacket. Robert Ballou was not a member of any street gang so the Piru Street Crips had a problem with the other Crip gangs for attacking a neutral person. A neutral person is a person not in a gang, and is also known as a civilian or neutron. The Piru Street Boys were always strongly against the abuse of innocent civilians before they joined the Crips alliance and decided to wage war against the other Crip gangs over this event, but they were severly outnumbered by the rest of the Crip gangs and the Crips were easily winning the war. The Pirus made it known that they had dropped completely out of the Crip alliance and wanted to terminate all peaceful relations with all Crip gangs. Then they turned to the Lueders Park Hustlers, another Compton gang at war with Crips at the time, for a meeting. The Lueders Park Hustlers agreed and a meeting was called on Piru Street in Compton, California. The Pirus also invited every other independent street gang at war with the Crips in L.A. County to join the meeting. The Crips had murdered an L.A. Brim member by the name of "Lil Country" earlier that year, so the Brims attended the meeting as well. Others that attended were the Denver Lanes and the Bishops.

At the meeting, the groups discussed plans to combat Crip intimidation and abuse, along with the creation of a new alliance that other indepenent gangs were free to join at will to counter the Crips with. Before that time the color of flags (bandanas) was not important, but since the Crips were known to wear blue flags, the Pirus and the other independent organizations decided to discontinue the wearing of blue flags at this meeting. They decided to take on the wearing of an opposite color, red, and create a new street gang alliance which became known as the Bloods alliance. The word"Bloods" came from the local slang term at the time: "Young Blood", which is what older people reffered to the young gang members as. Even though all bloods wear red as their primary color, some sets and banners use secondary, and even up to 3 colors to distinguish themselves. The Athens Park Boys and Pueblos later also joined the Blood alliance, and soon after, other independent gangs who had been threatened or attacked by the Crips also joined the Blood alliance as well. Since Crips always flagged to the left, Bloods began to flag to the right side to signify that "your bloods should always be RIGHT by your side, and never LEFT behind".

Another organization, called the Black P Stones, also joined the Blood alliance in Los Angeles. The Black P Stones actually originated in Chicago, Illinoise and were brought to Los Angeles in 1969 by T. Rodgers, a young Black P. Stone who was moved to L.A at the age of 12 by his mother to keep him off of Chicago’s gang infested streets. T. Rodgers started 2 chapters of Black P Stones in Los Angeles very quickly. One chapter is called the Jungle Stones in Baldwin Village area of Los Angeles (the head quarters), an area that had an organization called the Jungle Boys which T. convinced to flip into Stones. The other chapter is called the Bity Stones (City Stones) in the West Adams area of Los Angeles. The People Nation street gang alliance did not yet exist in Chicago at the time, so the Stones joined the L.A. Brims in Los Angeles as the Black P Stone Brims before the L.A. Brims even joined the Blood Alliance. Even though the Black P Stones in Los Angeles joined the Blood Alliance with the rest of the Brims and soon became their own 2 Blood sets separate from the Brims, The Black P Stones in Chicago remained an independent gang untill the People Nation alliance was created in 1978. The Black P Stones in Los Angeles took on the wearing of red flags like all Bloods and incorporated the use of the number 5,the 5 point star and following the Moorish Science Temple of America like the original Stones in Chicago; thereby making the Black P Stone Bloods of Los Angeles the first official 5 riding Bloods set since 1972, before the People Nation alliance existed in Chicago. The Blood Stone Villains (also known as East Side Villains) and Blood Stone Pirus of Los Angeles are not part of the Black P Stone Bloods, they got their name from a 1970’s R&B group called “Bloodstone” and have no connection to the Black P Stone Bloods in L.A. other than being under the Blood alliance. Contrary to popular belief, T. Rodgers did not start the Bloods, and was not even at the meeting where the Bloods alliance was created. His gang just simply joined the Blood Alliance after the Blood Alliance was created and is regarded as part of the founding sets in the Bloods alliance.

Though most blood gangs (also known as sets or hoods) simply do they're own individual thing, there can be smaller alliances between Blood sets called "Banners". Banners are smaller alliances of individual Blood gangs within the Blood alliance itself, which gangs within the banners are known to put before the whole Blood alliance. Some Blood Banners include Piru, Brim, Family Swan Nation, UBN, NHB, NYB, NJB and many more. Although all bloods flag red as their primary color; Pirus and Brims use burgundy as their banner color, UBN uses black and green, NHB uses black, NYB uses Brown, and NJB uses gold. Within Blood Banners there can also be "divisions" which specifies specific groups of gangs within the banner. Some divisions include the W/S NHB's from L.A., the E/S NHB's from NYC and the NJNHB's from New Jersey within the NHB banner, the Neighborhood Piru division within the Piru banner, and the L.A. BBA, N.Y. BBA and N.J. BBA divisions within the Brim banner. Within each individual Blood gang or "set" there can also be "blood lines" or "lines" for short. Blood lines specify members within the set who are under a specific "Big Homie's" wing such as the "Machete Line" of 135 Pirus under OG Machete (aka Jiwe), the "Gotti Boys" line of Mob Pirus under OG Big Bob Gotti and the "Ragg Boys" Mob Piru line under YG P Ragg.

Blood gangs strictly bang (go to war) to defend their territory (hood, turf, block, building, house, park, etc), and are known to be very vicious in their attacks towards enemy trespassers; often murdering them on sight. Bloods do not let any person or business make any type of money whatsoever in their hoods unless they are part of or owned by the set that controls the hood or are paying a hood tax of at least $50 per day to a set member. Other ways Bloods make money is by selling drugs, selling guns, taxing drug dealers, prostitution, loan sharking and providing security services for paying clients. Bloods are also known to make legal money by taking advantage of the growing popularity of the Bloods alliance and entering the entertainment industry such as television, movies, rap music and the porn industry, publicly glorifying the lifestyle to paying fans. Blood sets are always trying to expand their territories and find new territories to take over and spread lines to which essentially makes their wars and recruitment never ending. Bloods are known to mark their territories and all boundaries by the use of extreme wall banging. Wall banging for Bloods consists of marking territory with graffitti of the gang and/or banner color which shows they own that turf or going into a rivals turf and crossing out rival graffitti to start a war or take-over. Every Blood set and/or banner has a handsign they use to show affiliation, and a handshake they use to greet one another with. Most Blood members around the country who are not in the same same set or under the same banner are known to greet each other by locking the "B" handsign together with their right hands and then flashing their set and/or banner handsign at the end; also with their right hands. In addition to wearing bandanas to show affiliation, Blood members are known to dress entirely in red and/or the colors of their set and/or banners. Bloods are also known to sometimes wear specific hats with team logos on them that pertain to their set and/or banner.

There are significantly more Blood gangs today than when the alliance was first created. This is because many independent organizations outside of Los Angeles County, even outside of California and across the United States have also turned into Blood sets. All it takes for an entire independent crew or gang to become a Blood set is the will to want to join the Bloods alliance, meaning any gang can become a Blood set if it chooses to do so. This was a rule established at the meeting when the Bloods alliance was first created in Compton in 1972. This rule essentially means there is no such thing as a "fake" blood set and is the reason why this alliance has spread so rapidly around the country and the world. Most Blood sets have names which include the name of their city or town, a street that runs through their turf, or the name of the projects, apartment complex, building, hood, community or park they control or originated at. Bloods are known to shout “SuWhoop” as a greeting to other Bloods and “Blatt” as a war call durring battle (Blatt = B.lood L.ove A.ll T.he T.ime). All bloods must shed Blood (”Blood In”) of an enemy with at least 5 other witnesses from the set before becoming a Blood to prove that he/she is really down to “ride” (put in work) for the set/hood. Bloods must also "shoot the 5" with another Blood member from the set, which is a fair one on one fight for 50 seconds with 5 other witnesses from the set, and then get jumped in by 5 members for another 50 seconds (this is called the 50/50) before being fully Blooded in 100%. The witnesses from the set are required to avoid "false flaggers", which are people who claim to be in the set but never got properly blooded in. Unlike other gangs, Blood are required to fight back when being jumped in, and if the person being jumped falls down that person must start all over again and the other members are not allowed to hit that person while they have fallen. Bloods are forbidden to attack any person in their turf/hood who is not an enemy nor any person who is not in a gang (neutral) without purpose, doing so will lead to being “Blooded Out” (killed). Bloods believe that they must protect their hood and anyone living in their hood from other bullying gangs (especially the Crips) and they take that belief very seriously as that is the cause of their creation in the first place. Bloods do not allow any enemies inside their turf and don't allow anyone to wear Blue bandanas/flags in their turf. Bloods have been known to talk to each other in the language of Swahili, a practice picked up from west coast Blood members in prison who once used the language to confuse prison guards and other prison gangs in the 1980's. Some Swahili words used most by the Bloods are: Damu (Blood), Penda (Love), and Jiwe (Stone).

Blood sets have a loose structure of rank (sometimes called "stain") based on how long a person has been banging for their particular hood and/or how much work they put in for the hood (how much enemy blood stains were caused by you). Eventhough some blood sets have their own unique set of rank; most blood sets around the country use the following 7 ranks: TYG (Tiny Young Gangster: members under 18 years old), YG (Young Gangster: first 10 years of membership for members 18 years of age and up), OYG (Original Young Gangster: members who have been banging for the set for 10 years and up), OG (Original Gangster: members who have been banging for the set for 20 years and up), OOG (Double OG: members who who been banging for the set for 30 years and up), OOOG (Tripple OG or simply "Tripple O": members who who been banging for the set for 40 years and up), GF or GM (God Father or God Mother: will also be one of the before mentioned ranks and is used to specify the founder(s) of a set, line, division, or banner). Bloods with higher rank are respectfully reffered to as “Big Homies” or "Big Dogs" by Bloods with lower rank. Bloods with lower rank are respectfully reffered to as "Little Homies" or "Pups" by Bloods with higher rank. All Bloods refer to each other as "Blood" and/or "B Dog". Once a person has joined a Blood set, it’s for life; meaning you can not leave the set or flip (switch) to another set or alliance. Every member of the Bloods alliance is required to have the name of their particular set, line, banner and/or division tattooed on him/her and is required to have a "hood name" so that nobody will call them by their real name. Each Blood set has it's own "hood day", which is a special day set aside every year for the entire set to get together and celebrate another year of existence. Every blood set holds a meeting (sometimes called a "pow wow") at least once a week to discuss ways to combat enemies, expand turf, increase profits and recruit new members.

United Blood Nation

The United Blood Nation also known as the East Coast Bloods ws a prison gang established in 1993, within in the New York City jail's system. UBN first emerged in the George Mochen Detention Center (GDMC), to protect African Americans from the daily attacks from the Latin Kings. The African Americans led by O.G. Mack  came together to form the "United Blood Nation", based on the Bloods street gang in Los Angeles, California. O.G. Mack had family in the Miller Gangster Bloods of Los Angeles which gave him the idea to start the Bloods on the East Coast. UBN soon went into the streets and started recruiting members in all 5 boroughs of New York City and other states most notably New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Connecticut to name a few. By 1996, thousand of Bloods roamed the streets of New York attacking many innocent people causing violence all around the New York state area. These acts of pointless violence on non gang members didn't suit well with the West Coast Bloods. The West Coast Bloods told the Bloods on the East Coast to calm down and to only attack rival gang members and leave non bangers alone.

UBN makes up majority of Bloods on the East Coast and the South with almost every new Blood set originating from UBN. The UBN is the largest gang in New York City with over 5,000 members. UBN allies itself with Vice Lords, Black P. Stones, the Netas, Zoe Pound, Shower Posse, and Nortenos, and has wars with the Crips, Latin Kings (calmed down a bit becuase of the People Nation), Trinitarios, and MS-13. UBN is one of the most violent gangs in the East Coast with daily attacks against rival gang members. UBN usually attacks Crips, being the mortal enemies to the Bloods and rivals in the growing drug trade. Unlike their West Coast counterparts who are outnumbered by the Crips 2 to 1, the East Coast Bloods are 3 times larger than the East Coast Crips. The UBN's first real rival was the Latin Kings who attacked Blacks in the prison system. The war was brought to the streets causing heavy casualties on both sides, the Black P. Stones of New York tried to settle the dispute between the two gangs. Blood-Latin King beef is not as strong as it was in the 2000s, but the two gangs still feud with each other. UBN also has a ongoing war with one the Surenos most dangerous gangs, MS-13. The Blood and 13 war has been going on for a while causing Black and Latino tentions. The Bloods are very hostile to any MS-13 member and has a "Kill On Sight" out on every member of the gang. UBN also has a war with the Trinitarios also known as 3ni, the war was started by 3ni who is a EBK (Every Body Killer) style gang who went to war with every gang in their area, including the Bloods.

The UBN is more organized then most gangs with having sets with a "pacific purpose" and a more structured ranking system. Sex Money Murda is the "Money Set", SMM is the set that sells drugs for the gang and funds operations for future jobs. The Gangster Killer Bloods are the "Murder Set", they're the ones that commit violent attacks against rivals. GKB is basically the "Soldiers" of the UBN and are one of the most violent sets because they're only purpose is to kill. The Nine Trey Gangsters is the "Enforcer Set", NTG enforces the orders of the higher rank UBN members to the rest of the gang and keep lower ranked Bloods in "Check". The system has pros and cons, the pros are that they give sets a certain meaning and helps keep the gang organize. The cons are is when set has control over a certain type of job they can be hostile to other sets trying to do the same things as that particular set. This can cause war between the sets like when the Gangster Killer Bloods tried selling drugs which angered Sex Money Murda who controls UBN's drug trade. UBN controls Bloods in the East Coast area, but is recently having trouble controlling Bloods in the south. This is mostly due to Southern Bloods not wanting to take orders from Bloods on the other side of the map. Many southern Blood sets that originated from New York dropped their foreign set name and made their homegrown sets claiming the South as the origin. Sex Money Murda of Atlanta is having problems with the NYC SMM not wanting to be told want to do by them. The ATL SMM dropped SMM and formed "ABG" known as "Atlanta Blood Gang" also called the Almighty Bloody Gangsters. Bloods in the South are trying to form their own nation and separate themselves from UBN but still pay homeage to them and the West Coast Bloods the original Bloods. The Original UBN sets were:

Mad Stone Villians

Valetine Gangster Bloods

Nine Trey Gangsters/Nine Tek Grenades

Gangster Killer Bloods/G-Shyne

One Eight Trey

Hit Squad Brims

Sex Money Murda

Mad Dog Bloods

Vampire Bloods

Mack Baller Family

Red Mafia Bloods

Mob Gangster Bloods

Royal Maniac Gangsters

Executioner Bloods

Imperial Bishop Bloods

456 Pirus

East Homocide Brims

List of Blood Sets

NOTE: Most Blood sets outside of California are named after LA/Compton sets to trace their gang roots. NY is one of the few states with their own homegrown sets, however most are considered fake because their not connected to the original Bloods in California and they make their own rules and knowledge.


Los Angeles:

All For Crime Bloods

Athens Park Bloods

Black P Stones City

Black P Stones Jungles

Blood Stone Villians

Denver Lane Bloods

Family Swan Bloods

Fruit Town Brims

Harvard Park Brims

Hawthorne Piru Gang

Mad Swan Bloods

Miller Gangster Bloods

Pueblo Bishop Bloods

Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods

Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods

Rollin 30s Blood Stone Pirus

Van Ness Gangsters Brims

Water Front Pirus


Arbor Village Bloods

Avenue Piru Gang

Center Park Bloods

Centinela Park Family

Crenshaw Mafia Gang

Neighbor Hood Pirus

Inglewood Family Gang

Queen Street Bloods

Weirdoz Gangster Bloods


Be-Bop Bloods

Bounty Hunter Bloods

Circle City Pirus

Hacienda Village Bloods


135 Pirus

145 Neighborhood Pirus

151 Original Block Pirus

Campanella Park Pirus

Cedar Block Pirus

Cross Atlantic Pirus

East Side Pirus

Elm Street Pirus

Fruit Town Pirus

Holly Hood Pirus

Leuders Park Pirus

Lime Hood Pirus

MOB Pirus

Tree Top Pirus

West Side Pirus


Center View Pirus

Kalas Park Loks

Cabbage Patch Pirus

Scotts Dale Pirus

Scott Park Pirus

West Side Carson Pirus


East Side Pain Bloods

San Diego:

5-9 Brims

Deep Valley Bloods

Emerald Hills Gangster Bloods

Krook City Bloods 

Lincoln Park Bloods

Little Afrika Pirus 

O’Farrell Park Banksters 

Park Side Pirus

Skyline Pirus


Squiggly Lane Gangster Bloods

Pasadena Denver Lanes

Project Gangster Bloods


456 Island Pirus

West Covina:

West Covina Mob Pirus


Pacoima Piru Bloods


Altadena Denver Lanes

San Bernardino:

Delmann Heights Bloods 

Gilbert Street Bloods


Del Paso Heights Bloods

Oak Park Bloods

Strawberry Manor Gangster Bloods

Bloods in Canada

In the mid 1990s, the Bloods started making a presence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada most notably in the city's west side. During the 1980s, Crip sets started popping up all over Toronto claiming many neighrborhoods and attacking gangs that weren't Crips, similar to the Crips of Los Angeles, California. Most of the Crips came from Rexdale declaring war on all other hoods not under the Crip banner, most notably the gangs located in Ardwick. Ardwick already had an established gang in the area and didn't want to be pushed around by the Crips so they started representing by the Crips arch rival and became the Ardwick Blood Crew, the first Blood set in Canada. After ABC was formed gang fights between Ardwick and Rexdale started to intestify, going from fistfights to shooting each other on sight. ABC was of the first gangs to start using guns, being surrounded by multiple Crip sets, ABC had no choice but to use deadly methods to secure their hood. Other local gangs followed ABC's example and started becoming Bloods to rival the Crips. The Young Thugz of Toronto's west side had a long going on feud with the Crips, mostly sets from Rexdale. The Young Thugz split into two groups, Vaughan Road Bloods and the Pelham Park Bloods. In the beginning all the Blood sets in Toronto were considered to be "fake", until many Bloods from the West Coast moved to Canada hearing about a lucrative drug trade going on there. The West Coast Bloods made the Toronto Bloods legit in exchange for tips of shipments going from Canada to the United Sates.

After being recognized by the original Bloods more gangs started to flip to Blood. Gangs from Down-Bottom most notably South Side Connection, Lanes Crew, and Y-Block started representing the Bloods to rival the Crips from Rexdale. Becuase of the war going on from gangs from Up-Top and Down-Bottom, gangs from Up-Top started becoming Crips to fight the Bloods from Down-Bottom. The Bloods were mostly made up of African Canadians and African Caribbeans, with an influx of new Afro Caribbean immigrants new Blood sets started to form. These sets were the Chalkfarm Bloods, Dixon True Bloods, and the Orton Park Bloods. Even gangs that had wars with sum Blood sets decided to flip to the Bloods, this happened when the Gatorz, one of Toronto's largest and most dangerous gangs became Crips. The Jungle City Goonz were at war with many Crip sets so they decided to squash their beef with the local Blood sets and became Bloods. The Project Originals became Bloods after their hated rival the Guilty Crime Posse joined the Crips. Even the 5 Point Generalz, one of Toronto's most organize gangs and the Point Blank Souljahs are thinking in become Bloods in reaction to the growing Crip population. With almost every street gang being either Crips or Bloods, a deadly war erupted in the streets of Toronto. Sum Blood sets are allies to the Latin Kings, not because of the Blood-People alliance but the fact that they both hate Crips.

Bloods and the People Nation

Many Blood sets have grown a habit of using the number 5, and this practice traces it's roots back to the Black P Stone Bloods set of Los Angeles who use the 5 point star symbol from original Chicago Black P Stones but became a Blood set when they migrated to Los Angeles. These Bloods have incorporated the number 5 and the 5 point star deep into Blood culture since 1972. Since then Bloods have started frequently using the terms “5 popping”, “We ride the 5" and have been known to replace the letter “S” with a “5". Bloods have also taken the BPS 5 point star and made it stand for the 5 point star from the converse chuck taylor logo to signify a "BLOOD" 5 point star however Bloods are not part of the People Nation and don't use any of their symbols decept the "5". Many Blood sets utilize the 5 point star, and the roots of this goes back Black P Stones of Los Angeles, not the Black P Stones of Chicago or any People Nation gangs.

Not all Blood sets fall under the Blood/People Allliance, specifically those who are under the Piru and Brim Cards and prefer to keep the original California style culture of Blooding over the new hybrid way. Presently; the Black P Stone Bloods in both Chicago and Los Angeles continue to be the fundamental keys in aligning the Bloods alliance with the People Nation as a ally organization, with each Blood set/banner etc being a branch within this new "United Blood Nation" or sometime called "The Red Nation". The United Blood Nation is separated into 4 divisions: The West Side UBN based in California, the East Side UBN based in New York, The South Side UBN Based in Texas and the Mid Side UBN based in Illinois. When a Blood who is not a BPS Blood uses the number 5 it symbolizes the Chuck Taylor 5 point star and the Bloods have broken down each point of the star to the number of letters in the word B-L-O-O-D. When a Blood calls himself “5" he is infact reffering to himself as “BLOOD”.  Bloods also break down the Word B.L.O.O.D. to mean B.rotherly L.ove O.verriding O.ppression & D.estruction. This behavior is most notable with the East Coast UBN Blood banner of New York, the South Side UBN Blood banner of Texas and the Outlaw Bloods, Belizean Bloods and other various small Blood sets in and around the Chicago area.

The Bloods are also enemies with the Sureños street gang alliance and allies with the Norteños street gang alliance. The Bloods alliance is known to be enemies with the Folks Nation in areas where these organizations make contact. Contrary to popular belief, Bloods do not use any secret books of gang knowledge and gang prayers like most gangs do. Some Blood sets, however, simply use their own unique code words called "lingo" to communicate with each other along with the Swahili language. One very popular code word among many blood sets around the country is the word "dog food or simply "food" for short, which in Blood terms means "enemy". The Bloods alliance as a whole is generally against it's members using hard drugs, but they make an exception for alcohol, marijuana and PCP. Bloods especially utilize PCP (also called angel dust, sherm or wet) right before battle because of it's astounding ability to drastically increase physical strength and it also makes members become more ruthless, fearless and violent when under the influence.


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