Black Souls (Chicago Gang)

King Wee started the Black Souls gang back in 1962. Their activity began at the Garfield Park. Later on, they derived into a second gang called the Latin Souls. They both had a rival group called the Black Stone Rangers. They raised a stronger power when in 1966 they united other gangs consolidating the Black P Stone Nation. Around the same time, a third band came into place. They were founded by David Barksdale and called Black Disciple Nation. It joined among other 18 groups the Black Souls. That is how the rivalry between the two alliances started.

Then, Hoover and Barksdale joined to create the Black Gangster Discipline Nation. Then, at the beginning of the 70s decade, the Black Souls started over with a new gang they called Soul Brothers. They used to gather at Kostner and the 16th street, and Frank Davis arose as their leader. At first, the full name of the gang was the Black Soul Brothers, but it soon changed.

By 1975, Jack Bobo took members of all bands and formed a band called Mad Black Souls. They broke relationships with the alliances in place, and only showed friends to the Four Corners Hustlers. During those days, King Wee was murdered. Jack Bobo took his place as leader of the Nation. Then, Sam McKay was named the head of the Black Souls.

Times changed and by 1978, the Folk and People Nations started operations and the Four Corners Hustlers joined them. The Black Gangster Discipline Nation had a crisis and split. From it, three different gangs arose: the Black Gangster Disciplines, now as a group, not an alliance, and the Black Gangsters and the Black Disciplines.

The Mad Black Souls did not want to join the Folk and People Nations. They showed intentions to accede to the Folks, but it was never concreted. The Supreme Gangsters with Sam McKay who was part of the Gangster Nation in its initial days. The Mad Black Souls were linked to the Black Discipline Nations as part of the Discipline Alliance between 1966 and 1969. Then loyalties were trapped between both gangs. Then, the Mad Black Souls chose to adopt Black Gangster Disciplines logo. They started using the wings and heart with the pitchfork. However, besides the symbolic figure, they did not join the Folk. Instead, the Mad Black Souls changed their name for Gangster Black Souls. The Gangster Black Souls and the Mad Black Souls were both connected to all group of gangs some way or another. Despite during the 70s, the Gangster Black Souls were rising in power; they also had a significant part of the power the Rockwell Gardens had.

The latest news about the Mad Black Souls said that they provided weapons for the assault to the Police Station led by Angelo Roberts. The Black Souls were well known because of their arms. They also had enough people infiltrated to know that they had superior forces. Their last infiltrate was at the Chicago Police Department.

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