Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngta was born Samuel Benson in April, 1990 in Memphis, Tennessee. The 26 year old rapper is signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG record label. He released his single hit called Heavy in 2014. This song originated from the album Fast Bricks 3, which is his third mixtape. Yo Gotti became interested with Youngsta, seeing as they’re from the same region, and this led to Youngsta going on tour with Gotti for two months. Earlier this year, he got into a fight with Young Dolph; however, this fight was resolved.

Blac Youngsta Arrested

Black Youngsta turned himself to police on in May 2017 for his alleged connection in the shooting of rapper Young Dolph in Charlotte, North Carolina. Early in 2017 Young Dolph's vehicle was hit with about 100 shells, Dolph was not hit due to his vehicle having bulletproof glass.

Blac Youngsta Life

Blac Youngsta’s Instagram is amusing at the very least, seeing as he’s always showing off his wads of cash for the world to see. He is the perfect representation of someone who brought themselves up from a rough childhood to a successful and extravagant career.

At ten years old, Blac Youngsta began working at a corner store in order to make money for food. Samuel Benson, as he was known at the time, and his younger brother often had nothing to eat as because although he, his grandmother, and his grandfather worked, it wasn’t always enough to put food on the table. He began placing fake orders at the grocery store he worked at so that when no one came to pick it up, he was able to go home with the leftovers. After being caught several times, however, he was fired.

He eventually landed himself in jail for charges regarding marijuana and gun possession. When he was released, though, Blac Youngsta began building his career in music. One of the most influential times in his life was when Benson’s younger brother passed away. He then released the aforementioned hit single called Heavy, which recalls his childhood life and discusses how far he’s come. This single, however, is not the only time when Blac Youngsta has reminisced about old times. In One Bedroom House, he raps about events from his own life, like when he had to sleep on the floor and take care of his brothers.

In an interview, Blac Youngsta admits that while he records music, he truly feels what he’s rapping about. To do so, he brings the subject of the song into the booth with him. If he’s talking about money then he’s holding a wad of cash and if he’s rapping about guns then he’s also holding a gun.

Overall, Blac Youngsta wants to become famous, like most celebrities and musicians; however, he wants to do so by sharing his experiences and by telling his side of the story. It is a combination of ambition and willpower to survive that has gotten him this far and his fame is only expected to grow.

Blac Youngsta "Tissue" (Music Video)

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