Bee Boie

Bee Boie is 16 year old artist from Fresno California, He has featured on singles with artists such as, J.Phlesh, Holliewood King, Lil Mouse, Clyde Carson, Baeza & many more. He Started by writing raps in middle school & performing at family get together's. At 13 years old he recorded his first song with a friend named Emmbe, His song reached ten thousand views but the account got deleted. Bee Boie then started producing and recording his on music. In 2014 Bee Boie uploded a song on Facebook named "Mind Crashing" witch gave him alot of attention on the internet, He then met Naudikah and was asked to join 'TGFE (Thank God For Everything)" . He got the boost he needed by joining the music group and got a lot more attention. He then came by Rockemical (A Arizona Event Planner) Rockemical later offered to manage Bee Boie and Bee left his music group. Bee Boie later met J.Phlesh who had all the connects to the main stream Bay Area artists. Since then Bee Boie has made appearances on singles with Lil Mouse, Iamsu! & Show Banga. Bee Boie is now self managed & has a music group named Point Blank.

Corey Jones, Bee Boie, Fatlife, & Jay Diamond - What You Like

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