Baldy World

Baldy World Baldy World is a nickname adopted by the 600 set of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago, Illinois. Baldy World was created as an honor for one of the gang's murdered member named Marcus "Baldy" London. Baldy was murdered in 2011 with a gunshot to the head while with a friend on the 6000 block of South Prairie Avenue. Baldy World specifically refers to the area which Baldy's gang operates, so when members from the gang are referring to their gang or area, they might simply say they're from 'Baldy World'.

Baldy World has been mentioned in many songs by 600 members, one of the more famous one being SixDoubleO feat. L'A Capone, RondoNumbanine, S. Dot lyrics. " class="wiki wiki_page">SixDouble0 by Edai(Feat. LA Capone,S. Dot, RondoNumbaNine) in which S. Dot says "BaldyWorld, Shack City, D-Block B*tch I'm From SixDouble0"

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