BDK is an acronym used by gang members meaning “Black Disciples Killer”. Black Disciples is a large street gang with numerous rivals, their rivals usually refer to themselves as BDK, meaning they are itching and willing to kill Black Disciple members.

BDK gained some popularity recently due to the feud between Chief Keef (Black Disciple member) and Lil Jojo (Gangster Disciple Member). Numerous songs were made dissing each other’s gang, one of the more famous songs in that feud was a song called “3HunnaK(BDK)” by Lil JoJo. In the song Lil JoJo says “These niggas claim 300 but we BDK - BDK, yeah bitch we BDK - We stackin bitch so you know we crackin trey - Crackin treys, yeah bitch we crackin treys”. The feud between Lil Jojo and Chief Keef would come to a tragic end after Lil JoJo was killed by a drive by shooting on September 4, 2012.

The term BDK is not the only one of its kind, gang members are known to add a k after their rivals’ name.

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