Antonio Fathead Davis

Antonio Fathead Davis  Antonio Davis(Fathead) was a 14 year old whom was shot to death on June 22, 2012 in the South Side Hamilton Park neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. Antonio Davis was nicknamed 'Fathead' or simply "Fatz" and was a gang member from 051 Young Money, a Mickey Cobra set.

On June 22, 2012, Antonio "Fathead" Davis went out walking with his 22 year old cousin Erika to get a drink from the store, while on their way, a tan van creeped up by them, according to Erika, they didn't make anything of the van slowing down,but moments later individuals from the van opened fire and Davis was hit. As Erika ran away from the scene, she witnessed Davis' final moments as the gunman walked over his body and shot him multiple times.

Following Fathead's death, members of 051 YM adopted the nickname 'Fatz World' in his honor. Though Antonio Davis is honored by his gang, he's often at the receiving end of insults from rival gang rappers such as RondoNumbaNine, a Black Disciples gang member, whom said in his song 'Taliban', "They say we lacking, how the f*ck he get a fathead". Chief Keef, a Black Disciples gang member, in his song 'War' said "Smoking on that Fathead".


Random Facts

Fathead is in the song 'I'm in It' by Chicago rapper Boom, Fathead can be seen in the video wearing a blue sweatshirt starting in the 5 second mark of the video.


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