Aikiville-Chicago Gang

Aikiville is a nickname for 069 Bricksquad, an Insane Gangster Disciples set located in Chicago. Brickaquad started using this nickname in honor of one of their members, Aiki Muhammad, whom was gunned down in house party in 2011 by Donte Daniels. Rappers from Bricksquad often refer to their gang as Aikiville in their rap songs. Rappers who are from rival gangs of Bricksquad often diss aikiville in their songs such as Chief Keef, whom said “Wack a F*ck n*gga like Aiki” in his song titled “Kay Kay”.

It’s very common for gangs to adopt nicknames in honor of fallen members, for example, Bricksquad is also referred to as ‘JoJo World’ in honor of their fallen member Lil JoJo, whom was also a victim of the gun violence plaguing Chicago. Lil JoJo was killed in 2012 while riding his bike.

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