600 Cartel

600 Cartel is a record label started by Chicago rapper and gang member 600 Breezy. 600 Breezy is a member of 600, a set of the Black Disciples gang. The record label didn't get the support of all 600 gang members because they believe the gang's name shouldn't be used for profit, unless the 600 Cartel members are exclusively from the gang. One of the first and most vocal of the 600 gang that spoke against 600 Breezy's label is Booka600. Booka600 tweeted "I Dont Know No 600Cartel On LA that's some FU sh*t." 600 Breezy and 600 Cartel are both signed to Empire Records.

600 Cartel Members

  • 600 Breezy
  • Chaboki

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