Zoe Pound

The Zoes are a Haitian base international criminal enterprise/organization in which started in the streets of Miami, FL. The Zoes are Florida's largest and most dangerous gang with sets all over the state, and the 5th largest Black gang in the United States with members all over the country. The Zoes was founded in the mid-1990s in the Little Haiti section of Miami, Florida by a small group of Haitian immigrant youths who were tired of being attacked by mainly African Americans and a small amount of Hispanics. It started as a way for the Haitian youths to protect themselves from African Americans but turned into something much larger. The Zoes is currently one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the East Coast. However the inception of the gang served as a pivotal factor in promoting Haitian pride among South Florida's youth.

In fact prior to the introduction of the Zoes into the American fiber, many Haitian-American youth denied their heritage in fear of persecution. Zoes would put on grande spectacles at various High Schools in the Greater Miami area just as school was letting out. These spectacles consisted of leagues of old school Chevys also known as "Dunks" (covered with candy paint, with oversized rims and bearing massive Haitian flags). These events were somewhat legendary and in many ways displayed the kind of pride that Haitians everywhere should have in themselves and their heritage. Before long Haitian youths all over South Florida started wearing Haitian bandanas with pride. Due to the extreme secrecy of the organization, not much is known about the groups chapters outside of the United States (Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, France, United Kingdom, West Africa, and Canada).  Many notable gangs include Zoe Pound (original gang), Top-6, Zoe Mafia Family, 561 Zoe Mafia Gang, H-Unit, Non-Stop Zoes, True Haitian Posse, Custer Street Gang and many others.

Zoe Info:

Gang NameZoe Nation
TerritoryUnited States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Caribbean, France, and West Africa
Years Active1992-Present
SymbolsLetter Z, Haitian Coat of Arms
AliasesThe Pound
ColorsBlack/Blue & Red
Members45,000+ in Florida
PhrasesSak Pase-Nap Boule, L'Union Fait La Force, Liberte Egalite Fraternite, Koupe Tet Boule Kay
Criminal ActivitiesDrug trafficking, arms dealing, robbery, extortion, murder, prostitution, boosting, assault, kidnapping, torture, racketeering, vandalism, fraud, contract killing, assassination, illegal gambling, and money laundering
AlliesYardies, No Limit Soldiers, Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Vice LordsBlack P.Stones, Black Mafia Family, Black Guerrilla Family, Latin Kings, Trinitarios, Netas, 18th Street, Los Zeta, and Sinaloa Cartel
Enemies Surenos, International Posse, Imperial Gangsters, Simon City Royals, Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, Aryans, Skinheads and other White Supremacists and the Juggalos



The Zoes are made up of multiple factions with members spread all over the United States and the Caribbean. Zoe squads, such as the Florida-based Zoe Pound, have proliferated in many states primarily along the East Coast in recent years expanding their criminal enterprise. Zoe squads are present in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and many more. The Zoes has most recently expanded into the Midwest and have been found in Midwestern cities like Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigang, Indianapolis, Indiana, and many more. Members have also been found in Western cities like Oakland, California and Portland, Oregon. Zoes were also found in most Caribbean islands like Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba, D.R., P.R., Trinidad, and Barbados. Because of the 2010 earthquake many Haitians moved to South/Central America nations like Brazil and Belize, and starting new Zoe squads in the area. Zoes are also active in the country of Canada, mostly in the Montreal area which holds thousands of Haitian immigrants. 

Zoe Pound

Zoe Pound is a Haitian Drug Cartel that started in the 1990s in the Lil Haiti section of Miami. The gang was started for Haitians to make easy money committing criminal acts. Many members says Zoe Pound is a Haitian movement group to help youths who was terrorized by African Americans, Latin Americans, and Whites. The gang started growing in members soon outnumbering there rivals. More than 25,000 Zoes where found in South Florida being one of the largest gang in Florida, and with 50,000 nation wide. Zoe Pound has alliances with some of the United States' most notorious gangs like the Crips, BloodsGangster Disciples, and the Vice Lords. Zoe Pound controls kilos of drugs through the Port of Miami, the gang even spread through parts of the East Coast and the Midwest. Many members will now be proud of their Zoe membership earlier not showing there gang affiliation, due to the hostility of African American gangs. The gang also uses the black magic called voodoo against many of their rivals, but that has been dropped by newer members. The gang also clicks up with many local street gangs like the Crips and Bloods, and other local gangs. The gang has grown in members since the earth quake in Haiti, more than 100,000 members worldwide, this is because of Haitian refugees who fled to America are picked up by the gang. The gang wars in secrecy making tracing them down hard for Law Enforcement. The gang is a primarily black Haitian gang but has recruited blacks of different backgrounds. This include of recruiting Africans, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, and Bahamians. The gang is home for many Afro Caribbean immigrants. Zoe Pounds is one of America's largest, dangerous, and most organize criminal organizations.

Zoe Pound has ties with the Yardies of Jamaica, the No Limit Soldiers of Curacao, and the Marielitos of Cuba to expand their criminal enterprises. Zoe Pound used to have a war with the Yardie Posse because of cultural differences. The Zoes would've worn red and blue and the Yardies would've worn green and yellow. The two gangs would've attacked each other on sight and started using firearms to settle their disputes. The conflict between the two gangs started ethnic tensions between Haitians and Jamaicans, neither wanting to associate with the other. However the Zoes and the Yardies had a common enemy the Yanks, a African American gang who attacked Blacks from the Caribbean, most notably the Haitians and the Jamaicans. The Yanks used to attack Haitians on Haitian Flag Day and Jamaicans on 420, this shared hatred for the Yanks united some Zoe and Yardie gangs to fight against the Yanks. Overtime Zoe and Yardie conflicts settled down and the two gangs ended their war. Currently Zoes and Yardies are allies, the Yardies will give Zoes tips about boats coming to the ports in which the Zoes will hijack and give a portion of the products to the Yardies. Zoe Pound also formed an alliance with the No Limit Soldiers, the alliance was formed so the No Limit Soldiers can help Zoe Pound expand their drug trade to South America and Europe in a exchange that Zoe Pound help the No Limit Soldiers expand in the United States and Canada. In the 1980s, thousands of Haitians and Cubans migrated to the United States to fled corruption plaguing their countries. Unlike most ethnic groups the Cubans didn't show hostility to the Haitians, with some sympathizing with them because Cubans left their country for the same reason the Haitians did and the Cubans were being attacked by Mexican gangs. The Cubans formed a drug cartel known as the Marielitos, the Marielitos needed street soldiers to protect and secure shipment so they decided to hire Zoe Pound who was already known for their deadly reputation. 


Top-6 Gang began as a small Haitian rap group in Lake Worth and thrived until it became one of the most criminally successful and brutal gangs in South Florida. Top-6 has grown to include about 350 members in Lake Worth who control at least 10 predominantly Haitian or Haitian-American neighborhood-based gangs in Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Lantana and Boynton Beach. The gang has also spread to Miami, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Top-6 has over 3,000 members in South Florida, with members moving to other cities like Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, New Orleans, LA, and other areas. Top-6 usually go to war with gangs in their area, most notably Sureno gangs and local White gangs. T6 is known for their brutal muders and for their no remorse for deaths of innocent civilians. Their was many crackdowns on the gang, but no matter what law enforcement did the gang still stayed very active in the streets. Top-6 has many clicks such as: San Castle, G-Block, 14th Zoe Boys, C-Terrace, 2nd Avenue Zoes, Fade Squad, One Stop, and many more. T6 are aligned with other major local gangs like the Jack Boys, Muck City, and Ace Click. The gang controls the drug trade in Palm Beach County with no other gang trying to challenge them already knowing the outcome. T6 is backed up by Zoe Pound and ZMF, making their reputation even higher with almost every gang in Florida knowing about Zoe Pound. T6 is made up of mostly Haitians but have let in a few non Haitian Blacks if they can benefit the gang. Law  enforcement considers Top-6 to be the most dangerous gang in Palm Beach County because of their wild behavior and having an aresanal of fully automatic guns. T6 usually sell drugs but they're also known for breaking into houses and stores and robbing everyone in it.

Top-6 has connections with both the Crips and the Bloods, this is mostly due to their hoods being right next to eachother. T6 also has ties with a few Folk Nation gangs most notably the Gangster Disciples. The reason for the close ties between Top-6 and some Folk Nation gangs, is that the Folks thought Top-6 was a Folk Nation gang because of them using the number "6". The 6 is one of the main symbols of the Folk Nation, it was later explained that Top-6 is not a Folk Nation gang but the ties between the GDs and T6 was already made. The Folks weren't the only ones that thought the Top-6 was Folks, the People Nation who are the sworn enemies of the Folk Nation thought that the Zoes flipped to Folk. This would've given the Folks an advantage over the Peoples, this is mostly due to the fact that the Zoes are one of the largest gangs in Florida. People Nation gangs such as the Vice Lords and the Latin Kings were reassured by their Zoe allies that Top-6 must, like all Zoe sets stay neutral and not allowed to pick sides, because war with either the Folks or the Peoples will harm their income and control over turf. Top-6 doesn't have a main rival as most gangs don't like going to war with them because of their wild behavior and their "insane gunplay". The gang is currently at war with the Yanks, a African American gang that assaulted Haitians in the schools and the streets, T6 has done many drive bys and daylight attacks on them making a few Yank sets drop out the gang in fear of being killed. T6 is also at war with a Sureno gang known as Lake Worth 13 and a local Skinhead gang in the area. Top-6 is considered to be the most dangerous gang in Palm Beach County because of them going over the limit to attack rivals. The gang is known for attacking who they consider to be enemies in broad daylight and will shoot at law enforcement.

True Haitian Posse

True Haitian Posse started as a little Haitian click in Lake Worth, FL to fight against African American and Mexican gangs. THP later expanded into Broward County while Top-6 ran Palm Beach County, THP made an alliance with other Zoe gangs such as the Doom City of Deerfield, Deep Side of Ft. Lauderdale, and Renegade Goon Squad of Pompano. THP became the rising gang of Broward County with squads spread all over Broward and later became the head gang of other Zoe gangs like the River Side Ballas of Coral Springs and Insane Money Gang of Hollywood. THP are aligned with local Crips sets like the 36 Hoovers, Rollin 120's, Maniac Outlaw Locstas, and the 6 Tray Gangsters. THP are allies to Blood sets like G-Shyne, Sex Money Murda, Nine Tek Grenades, Draks, and the Blazers. THP are also connected to the Insane Gangster Disciples, Renegade Vice Lords, Netas, and the Marielitos. THP is one of the few Zoe gangs that are at war with Yardie gangs, most notably the Imperial Yardie Kings over Broward's drug trade. THP are also enemies to any hostile Yank gang, Aryans, Klan factions, Surenos (MS-13), and the Trinitarios.

Zoe Mafia Family

ZMF was started as a prison gang to protect Haitians from other races and gangs, many of the founding members were affiliated with the known Miami gang Zoe Pound. ZMF was formed in the Florida State Prison in the early 2000's. ZMF grew in numbers quickly making them one of the main competitors for control of the prison which held gangs from both the Folk and People Nation and even members of the Aryan Brotherhood. Even though ZMF was made to protect Haitian inmates the gang would let in Jamaicans and other Afro Caribs because of the hostility they recieved from African American inmates and ZMF was a symbol of Caribbean unity. ZMF would aligned themselves with a known Puerto Rican prison gang known as the Netas, and incarcerated Crips and Bloods to build allies so they can recieve support against rivals. The prison had many Folk and People Nation gangs in which ZMF was neutral to, even though ZMF was on good terms with some Folk Nation gangs because of the Zoes having a good relation with the Gangster Disciples and ties with the MLD's and the ISD's, ZMF was at war with a homegrown Florida Folk gang known as International Posse. INP is a multiracial gang and becuase race politics are the main interest in most prisons INP didn't have support from many gangs of their nation. ZMF planed daily assualts on INP and even went as far to attack gangs that INP associated with, which was mostly the Imperial Gangsters and the Simon City Royals. ZMF was also at war with the known White Supremacist gang, the Aryan Brotherhood and every gang in the Aryan Nation. ZMF has spread to multiple jails and prisons across Florida, mostky in the Central Florida area like Polk County, Orange County, and Seminole County.

Many ZMF members that was released have stated the gang has become a rap group and are just trying to get money and better their lives but MPD will say that's a lie and just an act to fool law  enforcement. MPD says ZMF in the streets is supposed to be the combination of the Zoes' gangbangin life style and the notorious Black Mafia Family's "ballin out" life style. Law Enforcement says ZMF has become a criminal enterprise because members of the gang were caught associating with known organize crime groups suchs as Wah Ching and the Pagangs MC. The group also have members who are notorious individuals and are even wanted by the FBI for international crimes, mostly in the Canada and Caribbean area. The members that actually rap will rep the Haitian flag in their videos to make people believe that ZMF is about Haitian pride and unity and that its a movement and wear the color black which is the gang's color. Police Officers says rapping is just a front that ZMF puts up so they could commit criminal activities and gain new recrutis in the organization. ZMF tags has been found all around southern cities like Miami, Atlanta, Memphis, and more. ZMF is known to have former BMF members in their group. Maca Zoe is considered to be the creator and leader of the gang and will praise him in their music. One known member is also a Zoe Pound member named Haitian Fresh who reps ZMF and other Zoe gangs in his music. Even though ZMF is considered to be a rap group the members of the group commit criminal acts similar to Top-6 another Zoe gang. ZMF is at war with the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang that are rivals in the drug trade, and the United Klans of Florida, over racial issues. ZMF is known to associate with Yardies, Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, and Vice Lords. After the fall of BMF because of the incarceration of their leader Big Meech, BMF members stationed in Miami joined the ZMF and used what they learned in BMF to expand the ZMF's criminal enterprise. ZMF also has an alliance with a few Latino gangs mostly the Marielitos and the Netas because of the shared hatred for the Trinitarios.

Haitian Mafia

The Haitian Mafia or H-Mob is a organize Haitian criminal enterprise located in New York City. Out of all the Zoe squads H-Mob are ones of the most secretive, with operations all over the Northeastern US region. The Haitian Mafia has an alliance with the United Blood Nation and Crips in NYC, mostly the ones in Harlem and Brooklyn. H-Mob is believe to have control over many of Harlem's new homegrown gangs and uses them for guns for hire to carry out criminal activities. H-Mob is known to have roots in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, and works with the Black Guerrilla Family to smuggle drugs and weapons all over the East Coast. H-Mob has expanded their operations to Canada and has connections with gangs in the Montreal area, most notably the 67's, Cracc Down Posse, STL'z, and the Bo-Gars. H-Mob also has a an alliance with the Yardie gang known as the Jamaican Shower Posse. The Haitian Mafia is at war with the Trinitarios, the Jewish Mafia, rival Italian crime families, and MS-13. Members of the H-Mob are known to associate with Hip Hop icons such as 50 Cent, Diddy, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z, members are also known for having connections with Bad Boy Records, G-Unit, MMG, and Dipset. Many of whom are known for giving shout outs to them in their music.

East Haiti 360

The gang is located in East Hammond, Indiana, the gang is currently at war with the Insanes from St. Lawrence. It is specualted that East Haiti were the ones who killed Lil Jeff the twin brother of Lil Jay, who was an Insane from the Tookaville gang in St. Lawrence. The reason for the muder was most likely over the ongoing dispute between East Haiti and Tookaville. In the 2000s, over 50,000 Haitian immigrants moved to the Midwest to get a way from the violence in Haiti. The states with the most immigrants was Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Kansas. Many of the immigrants that moved to the Midwest was affiliated with the known Miami gang Zoe Pound. The Zoes soon started recruiting neighborhood kids and starting new Zoe gangs, one of the most known is East Haiti 360. Many Zoes moved to Chicago to start new sets, but because of the hostility of the gangs already established in Chicago who didn't like foreign gangs it was hard for the Zoes to claim hoods. The Zoes had to move to Chicago's North Side next to the suburbs to open shops. Some were able to control small areas in Chicago's South Side, the Zoes recruited mostly Insane and renegade gang members who already cut ties from their original gangs. There was also Zoes who couldn't start new sets and decided to join local gangs most notably the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and the Black P.Stones. This created ties from Chicago's gangs to the Zoes of Florida and even the Zoes of New York who controlled a few of the state's ports and aided in transporting drugs from the South and the East Coast to the Midwest. Because of  the success of the newly formed operation which provided both parties with a sufficient amount of funds, Gangster Disciple and Vice Lord decks in the South and the East Coast started aligning with local Zoe sets to expand their income and organizations.

Custer Street Gang

CSG aka the Custer Street Zoes is a Haitian gang and a Zoe squad located in Stamford, Connecticut. CSG is one of Stamford's most violent gangs and are at war with all gangs attempting to movie into their drug trade. CSG was founded by Haitian youths with connections to Zoes in Florida and decided to form their own squad in Stamford. The FBI has noted that CSG is one of the most heavily watched gangs because of them trafficking drugs and weapons all over the East Coast.


H-Block is a Haitian gang under the Haitian Mafia banner located in Boston, Massachusetts. Multiple smaller sets operate under H-Block and runs the drug trade operating in North Boston. H-Block is allies with Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, and 18th Street. Their main rivals are Trinitarios, Surenos, most notably MS-13 and the Juggalos and rival drug crews.


Zoe Pound is an international criminal organization with roots in Haiti, active in east coast United States to Canada to the Caribbean. The main chapters in the South Florida area do not wear any specific colors, in order to blend in and not draw attention from law enforcement but however some members tend to wear the colors of red and blue which represent the colors of the Haitian flag or the Haitian flag bandanna put on the left side which represents that the haitian flag is tattered on their heart, others will put it on their right side to represent their soul. A lot of members will wear the color black, this became more popular when non Zoe member Haitians were being attacked by the Zoe's rivals for having a Haitian flag and for wearing the colors. The Zoes were formed to protect the Haitians so some Zoes started wearing black to distinguish themselves from the regular Haitians. It is very hard for rivals to see them at night and they can hide when law enforcement are coming. They'll wear black from head to toe and will still represent the Haitian flag on most occasions.

According to local and federal law enforcement, despite aggressive crackdowns on the gang's drug operations in the South Florida area, the gang remains active. Zoe Pound is the most dangerous out of all the gangs in South Florida, specializing in drug trafficking, boat-jacking, kidnapping, and other criminal acts. The gang is also known to work with South American drug cartels due Zoe Pound's control over some ports in Haiti (which lie about 1 hour from U.S. shores) and the infamous Port of Miami. The Zoes got a connection with the Sinaloa Cartel because they're more likely to work with Black gangs than other cartels.

Racial Makeup

The Zoes are a African Caribbean/Black gang started by Haitian immigrants. Majority of the Zoes are Haitian because the word Zoe was another way of calling someone Haitian, with 90% of Zoes being Haitian or have Haitian roots. Even though the Zoes are a predominantly Haitian crime syndicate, many squads have recruited other ethnics of African Caribbeans or Caribbeans in general. Because of the disbandment of numerous Yardie gangs because of the DEA, many Jamaicans sought refuge in their local Zoe squad. Not all Zoes allowed this but a few squads have taken Jamaicans in as fellow Zoes. Because of this, Jamaicans that are deported back to the island start new Zoe squads on the island increasing the Zoes' influence. Jamaicans that are allowed in the Zoes are allowed to represent the Jamaican flag and its colors but must also pick up the Zoes' flag which is the Haitian flag and its colors, Blue & Red. They must also know basic Creole which is the Haitian language so they can communicate with other Zoes.

Bahamians are another African Caribbean ethnic group allowed to join the Zoes if they live in a Zoe controlled area. Instead of wanting to click up with the African Americans because they share similar cultural traits, the Bahamians clicked up with the Haitians. The Bahamians are spread out through the Southern region of the United States so they wasn't able to form Bahamian based gangs in many areas. The Bahamians decided to join the Zoes and even started a new faction in Nassau, Bahamas. Many Bahamians can pull off the Haitian disguise by speaking perfect Creole making other Zoes treat them as equals. In some areas other Afro Caribs like Trinidadians and Barbadians have been able to join the Zoes if the squad allows it, Black Brazilians and Cubans have also been able to join the Zoes in a few areas. Dominicans are able to join if they have Haitian roots or Zoes in their family, which many Dominicans having that because of the island situation. African Americans are only allowed to join the Zoes if they are capable of doing something that can benefit the Zoes. African Americans with no specfic use or skill are either beaten up or killed for asking. 

Notable Members

Mac-A-Zoe - Founder (incarcerated)

Red Eyezz - Original Member/Rapper

Blind - Original Member

Haitian Fresh - ZMF Member/Rapper (signed to BrickSquad Monopoly)

Rob Zoe - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper (Groundup111)

Steven Jo - Zoe Pound Member (Untouchable Killer Team)/Rapper/Comedian

Pastor Troy - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper

Lil Zoe - Zoe Pound Member (THV)/Rapper

Zoeja Jean - Zoe Pound Member (THV)/Rapper

Rick Ross - Zoe Pound Member (High Ranked Associate)/Rapper (Founder of MMG)

Gunplay - Zoe Pound Member (speculated)/Rapper (Signed to Triple C's/MMG)

Wyclef Jean - Haitian Mafia/Zoe Pound Member/Rapper/Musician

Ace Hood - Doom City Zoes (speculated)/Rapper (Signed to We The Best/YMCMB)

Billy Blue - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper

Papa Duck - Goon City Zoes/Rapper

Black Dada - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper

Street Monstaz - Top 6

4RM-863 - AP Zoes/Rapper

Choppa Zoe - Zoe Pound Member (Little Haiti Mercenaries)/Rapper 

Freddie Gz - Polk County Zoes/Rapper

Caddo - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper

Future - ATL Zoes/Rapper

Scotty Boi - Haitian Mafia Member/Rapper (Signed to MMG)

Monk - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper

Bruno Mali - Zoe Pound Member/Rapper


The Zoes have many rivals and enemies because of their everlasting wars to control turf and power of the region but the gang has many allies to help the gang expand their turf and power. Zoes mostly are aligned with Black criminal organizatos, from L.A.'s Crips and Bloods street gangs to Chicago's Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords. The gang had a partnership with the Notorious Black Mafia Family before their disbandment because of the incarceration of their leader Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and has ties to the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang. Zoes closes allies are fellow African Caribbean gangs like the Jamaican gang the Yardies and the Curacaon organize crime group the No Limit Soldiers. The Zoes are also allies to Latin Caribbean gangs like the Marielitos, the Netas, Dominicans Don't Play, and the Latin Kings. The Zoes even has connections to the Mexican Drug Cartel the Sinaloa Cartel.

Crips and Bloods

The Zoes are aligned with many gangs around their turf if it helps them make money and increase their power and control of the area. The Zoes first real ally was the Bloods who's hood is borderline to the Zoes. Many of the Blood sets in the South are made of African Caribbeans like the Zoes, many Zoes had family members who were Bloods and decided to make an alliance between the gangs. The Zoes didn't get along with some Blood sets because a few had African American members who didn't like Afro Caribs. Later on the Crips started making a appearance in the area, the Crips were hostile against the Zoes for their associations with the Bloods, however the hostility died down because the Zoes has control over the drug trade and the newly formed Crip sets needed connects. It was hard for the Zoes to work with both the Crips and the Bloods, but because money is king the Zoes was able to provide to both gangs. The Zoes also wears blue and red the colors of the Haitian flag in which the Crips and Bloods also used, so their was no "color bangin". The Zoes had conflicts with the Surenos most notably with MS-13 in which both the Crips and Bloods also had. With the rise of Latino immigration, the Surenos started growing in numbers. The Crips and Bloods were already at war with Surenos because of the race war on the West Coast. The Zoes had the most altercations with the Surenos because the Zoes are hostile to gangs trying to move in without the permission of the Zoes. The Crip, Blood, and Zoe sets that lived right next to each other formed "set alliances" to fight against the Surenos. This was mostly common in both Palm Beach and Broward counties, who has a history of race wars. The Canadian Crip organization the Syndicate which is made up of Haitian-Canadian Crip sets like the Cracc Down Posse and the 67's are known allies to Canadian Zoe factionS who are also allies to the Blood sets the STL'z and the Bo-Gars. 

Folk and People Nations

In the 90s, many Folk Nation gangs started popping up in the area, most notably the Gangster Disciples. The GDs proposed an alliance with the Zoes already knowing about their control of the city. The GDs was able to set up the Zoes with a few connects that they got in the Midwest and in exchange the Zoes gave GDs tips about drugs and guns shipments coming to the shore. The Vice Lordswas one of the last major gangs to make an appearance in the area and was one of the smallest gangs. Through the Bloods the VLs was able to make connections with the Zoes and expand in non controlled hoods. The GDs tried to make the Zoes join the Folk Nation and the VLs tried to make them join the People Nation. The Zoes refused both offers not wanting to join any nation and the Zoes didn't get along with some Folk and People gangs. Many GD decks and Zoe sets are very close to each other because alot of them was related, causing tensions with some Folk gangs. The Zoes had conflicts with the International Posse, a homegrown Folk gang. The conflicts started when INP tried to join the drug trade, enraging the Zoes who had dominace over the drug trade and a no tolerance rule with gangs trying to move in. The Zoes started attacking INP members and went as far as to gun them down in broad daylight. Some Zoes were killed by INP, the Zoes killed were related to the GDs who backed up the Zoes against INP. This caused problems in the Folk Nation because the GDs the main Folk gang, was backing up the Zoes who weren't even part of the Folk Nation. Issues were later be resolved when the GDs made INP look for other areas to sell drugs, this incident caused many future conflicts in the Folk Nation. The Zoes try to stay neutral with the Folk and People Nations, not wanting to start pointless wars that won't make the gang any money. The Zoes have recently made ties with another Folk Nation gang known as the Black Disciples because the BD's were starting decks in southern cities and hit up the Zoes as a source for materials. Chicago rappers Lil Durk and Chief Keef of 300 Lamron BD also associate with known Zoe rappers Haitian Fresh and Rob Zoe. Zoes in the Midwest are known for associating Black P. Stone factions such as the Almighty Stones and the Future Stones.

African Caribbean Gangs


The Yardies one of the Zoes biggest rivals are currently one of the gang's biggest allies. The Zoes and the Yardies started off hating each other because of tensions between Haitians and Jamaicans. Zoes and Yardies had a deadly war in both the South and the East Coast until the Yanks increased their hostilities to Afro Caribs. With the common enemy the Zoes and Yardies had a truce that later became an alliance. The Yardies have a strong control over the drug trade in the Caribbean that extends to Europe. The Zoes went out to the Yardies so they can aid them with increasing the drug trade. The Zoes had control over many ports in the South and the East Coast, so the Yardies helped them in exchange for letting them use some of the ports under their control. The Zoes and Yardies are one of those few mediator gangs that have alliances with warring gangs like the Crips & Bloods and the Gangster Disciples & Vice Lords. Many Zoe and Yardie sets occupy in the same hood so they share the same enemies. The Yardies also had a war with the local Dominican gang the Trinitarios aka 3ni, the Zoes backed up the Yardies because the Zoes and 3ni already had tensions with each other. Few Yardie sets have merged with Zoe sets becuase of harsh police crackdowns on major Yardie gangs becuase of their drug trade that extends from North America to the Caribbean to Europe. The Yardies allowed in the Zoes are allowed to use their original colors green and yellow but must pick up the Zoe's colors which is blue and red. Many Zoe sets don't allow Yardies even though they were allies wanting to keep their sets strictly Haitian. Zoe sets that allows Yardies are looked down by sets that don't.

No Limit Soldiers

The Zoes also got connections to another Afro Carib gang known as the No Limit Soldiers. The No Limit Soldiers are a organized Curacaon crime group that has ties to South American drug cartels and European crime families. No Limit has a strong prescence in Europe because of high volumes of Curacaon immigration that are already part of No Limit. No Limit doesn't have a prescence in the United States because the DEA are already aware of the No Limit Soldiers and use many tactics to keep them out of the United States. The Zoes have one of the most United States prescence out of the gangs in the Caribbean so No Limit made deals with some Zoe sets. In exchange for them to get them U.S. connects No Limit gave the Zoes South American and European connects. The No Limit Soldiers has alliances with Silician Mafia and the Camorras and has membershipp in the Netherlands so working with NLS was a big gain for the Zoes. Few NLS became affiliated with Zoes to expand their influence starting a new squad called the No Limit Zoes which is mostly based in the Europe continental area.

Latin Caribbean Gangs


Even though the Zoes are known for working with Black criminal organizations they are also known for working with Latino ones such as the Marielitos, the Netas, DDP, and the Latin Kings. The Marielitos are a Cuban drug cartel operating in the Cuban neighborhood Lil Havana in Miami, FL and are the Zoes oldest and first Latino ally. The Marielitos was in its prime in the 80's and 90's but because of major crackdowns from the DEA and the FBI many Marielitos factions became defunct and needed allies to rebuild itself. The Haitian and Cuban relation in South Florida were pretty close with both sides celebrating Labor Day together, thus creating a partnership betwen Zoes and Marielitos. The Zoes were basically guns for hire and made sure cocaine shipment from Cuba made it into the States safely. Younger Marielitos in their teens associate with many Zoe street squads to rival Mexican and Dominican gangs, most notably the Surenos and the Trinitarios.


The Netas are a Puerto Rican prison/drug cartel/street gang operating in both the PR and the United States. The Netas and Zoe alliance is mostly just a partnership to aid in both sides expanding their criminal enterprises. The ZMF prison faction of NY operates with both the Netas and the BGF to smuggle contraband in the prison. Zoe Pound uses their Zoes in the PR to make business arraignments to smuggle drugs and guns to the United States' southern ports. Zoes and the Netas don't really associate in the streets, only area where both sides communicate is Palm Beach County, FL. There Zoes and Netas team us against White gangs such as the Aryans, Juggalos, and the Klan and go to war with the Latino gangs such as the Surenos and the Trinitarios, and a Black gang known as the Yanks.

Dominicans Don't Play

The Zoe-DDP relation started as two warring forces over control over turf and ethnic disputes between Haitians and Dominnicans. Many Zoe and DDP factions went to war, mostly in the Central Florida area in Orlando, FL. However because of the rising presence of the Trinitarios aka 3ni, a Dominican gang that both the Zoes and DDP had a war with so some Zoe and DDP gangs decided to have a truce. The truce later turn to an alliance when many DDP members were killed by the 3ni, the Zoes saw that it was better for themselves to aid DDP because 3ni is one of their sworn enemies. Currently the Zoes and DDP are aiding each other with drug trafficking from the Caribbean to Europe.

Latin Kings

The Latin Kings are Puerto Rican People Nation gang from Chicago, the gang was at war with many Zoe factions in southern states. The LK's were big competitors in the already booming cocaine drug trade in the Caribbean and the South so the Zoes declared war on them. Because the LK's were having internal issues between themselves and were having a war with the Folk Nation, many LK's hit up local Zoe squads and made business arraignments with the Zoes that'll benefit them. The Zoes took the deal and ended the war and gave support to the LK's against International Posse, Imperial Gangsters, Surenos, Trinitarios, and the Yanks.


The Zoes have many rivalries with gangs and criminal organizations trying to move into their turf and take control. The Zoes first enemy was the Yanks, a African American gang who attacked Haitians and other African Caribbeans on daily basis. The Zoes are at war with a Dominican gang known as the Trinitarios which started in New York City. Zoes are also enemies to all gangs under the Sureno banner (except 18th Street), most notably Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) over the South's drug trade and Florencia 13 (F-13) over race issues. Many Zoe factionss have recently started to clash with White Supremacist gangs like the KKK, Aryan Nation, Neo Nazis, and etc. This started racial tensions in the North Florida and Central Florida area, and has spread to South Florida areas like Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties. The Zoes will also declare war on any gang or crime syndicate that threatens their power and control.


The Yanks are a African American Florida homegrown gang and are the Zoes first enemy and the main reason for their creation. In the 1980's thousands of Haitians fled Haiti to the United States, most notably Florida. The teenage Haitian immigrants received hatred and prejudice from the native African American teens. The African Americans terroized the Haitian youths after school and even went as far to kill them and rape the female ones. After years of oppression the Haitian population in South Florida started rising, and during the 1990's the Zoes was formed.

The first gang that came out the Zoe Nation was Zoe Pound who went to war with all the hostile Yank gangs. The Zoes were more battle ready then the Yanks because many had experience in the Haitian army and because of their alliance with the Cubans they was equipped with high quality automatic weapons. By the 2000's the Zoes became the single power house of Miami, FL and wiped out numerous Yank gangs through out the city. The Zoe-Yank war wasn't only restricted to Miami, the war spread through all over Florida. South Florida was the main battle field between Zoes and Yanks, mostly in counties like Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward.

The Yanks also had wars with each other with most Yank gangs being hostile towards another. This division is what made the Zoes able to claim key cities like West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando etc and later take over their respective counties. Today the Yanks are a fraction of what they once was, many Yank gangs have aligned with local Zoe gangs to fight rival Yank gangs. The Zoe-Yank tensions are not as high as the early 2000's but both sides rarely communicate unless money is involve or to rival white supremacist gangs.


The Surenos are a Mexican gang originating from Los Angeles, California and are one of the Zoes most hated rivals. The Surenos started spreading to Florida in the 2000's attempted to take over drug spots through out the State of Florida, enraging the Zoes. Sureno cliques went to war with local Zoe gangs and the most dangerous gang of the Sureno Alliance, MS-13 went to war with Zoe Pound. Even thought the Surenos are considered to be the world's most dangerous street alliance, they was at a big disadvantage. Mexicans were at war with Latin Caribbeans such as Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, this meant the Surenos were at war with the Marielitos, Latin Kings, Netas, DDP, and 3NI. 

The Surenos also didn't have support from their Mexican Cartel allies because the Cubans didn't allow Mexican opperations. MS-13 was able to sustain a war with Zoe Pound until ZP recieved high grade military weapons and was able to claim MS-13 controlled hoods. Also Zoe Mafia Family has an alliance with 18th Street, the main competitor of MS-13 and with their help they was able to claim many Sureno strongholds. The Sinaloa Cartel even hit up the Zoes with work instead of the Surenos, making their prescence and power diminish in the streets. Currently the Surenos are a average street gang with rivalries with numerous super gangs around their turf with their hold of their turf weakening everyday because of daily pressure of the Zoes.

Entertainment Industry

The Zoes has become known through out the United States because of documentaries like "Gangland" and "World's Toughest Towns", shout outs by numerous rappers such as Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, 50 cent etc, appearances in movies like "Bad Boys 2", and by members trying to come up through the rap game and making hits that promotes their gang affiliation.

Hip Hop

Maybach Music Group

Rick Ross aka Rozay, is the founder and leader of Maybach Music Group is considered to be one the most affliated associates to the Zoes. Rozay gives constant shout outs to Zoes in Florida cities like Miami, Overtown, Carol City, West Palm Beach etc and even goes as far to speak Kreyol (the Haitian language) in his songs. Rozay even opened a side group of his label called "Haitian Mafia MMG", consiting of NYC H-Mob rappers such as Scotty Boi, Young Dudus, Superstar, and many more. Meek Mill of MMG also associates with the gang, in his song "Pound Cake" Meek says "Scream Sak Pase I guess im acting Haitian, Out in M.I.A with some real Zoes" to state that he's cool with the gang. Gunplay of Triple C's, a sub level of MMG is rumored to be affliated with the Zoes because of him originating from a Zoe hood and his continous association with the gang. MMG is considered to be one of the biggest supporters of the Zoes.

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires

YMCMB is one of the biggest benefactors to the Zoes, it is believed that YMCMB has cut numerous checks to the Zoes to expand their criminal enterprise and even donated money to their community. Birdman, the head of Cash Money Records and the founder of Rich Gang has a good relation with one of the Zoes' highest ranked members and one of the original founders Red Eyezz. Lil Wayne, the head of Young Money also has a good relations with the Zoes with Wayne giving shout outs in many songs such as "Miss Me" where he says "Gotta do it one time for Haiti, what up, Zoe?" and in "We Outchea" where he says "Shout out to my Zoes, Sak Pase". Young Thug a Haitian American SMM/ABG Blood rapper has family members belonging to the Zoes and his set are known allies to them. Both Young Money and Rich Gang are both respected by the Zoes because of them giving back to the gang.

We The Best

We The Best Music Group run by DJ Khaled is another Hip Hop label to have associations to the Zoes. Many of DJ Khaled's videos are based in Zoe controlled areas with the artists and people in the videos promoting the gang. Ace Hood, a known member of WTBMG is speculated to be affliated or closely connected to the Doom City Zoes. Ace Hood has made almost as many Zoe references as Rick Ross and continues to pay homage to the Zoes that he grew up with.

1017 Brick Squad

1017 Brick Squad run by Gucci Mane also associates with the Zoes, Gucci Mane is known to have many Zoes on his payroll. Waka Flocka Flame, the leader of BSM associates heavly with the Zoes, even signing a few to his label like Haitian Fresh, a known ZMF member. Other rappers such as Frenchie and OJ Da Juice Man also has connections with Zoes in their area.


G-Unit is a NYC based rap group run by 50 Cent, G-Unit has connections to both the Miami Zoe Pound and NYC Haitian Mafia. G-Unit members Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid are both Haitians with connections to H-Mob, 50 Cent is believed to be the one most heavly involved with H-Mob and the Pound. 50 Cent say "Sak Pase" in numerous songs to represent his connections with the Zoes and even goes as far to name specific squads and speak Kreyol. In his song "Funeral Music" 50 says "I'll send Haitian niggas at you yeah sak pase? Zoe pound niggas they don't play".

The Diplomats

The Diplomatas aka Dipset are another NYC based rap group with connections to the Zoes. Jim Jones has a strong relationship with Zoe Pound and even help fund money to help the country of Haiti after the earthquake. It is rumored that Jim Jones has a personal squad of Zoes to be used as protection when he's out doing his business. Cam'ron also has connections to Zoe Pound but its unknown how far his association reach. In the song "Curtis" Cam says "I fuck with Zoe Pound too what up? Sak Pase".


The Zoes have recently recieved shout outs by many Drill rappers because of their deadly reputation, most of their praise comes from the Black Disciples. Lil Durk has connections to Zoes because Lil Durk is friends with Haitian Fresh, a high ranked ZMF member. In "52 Bars Pt. 3" Durk says "On South Beach with all my Haitians that are Zoe Pound" and in "Ready For Em" Durk says "Called Diddy he ready, he slingin' impatient, got killers like Haitians I land in Miami, call Dolla, we gonna take off to Lil Haiti". Chief Keef also has a good relationship with the Zoes because of his friend Rob Zoe whose affliated with Ground Up 111, a squad under the Zoe Pound banner. In the song "Shooters" Keef says "Bitch I got some Zoes up in M.I.A And we totin' poles up in M.I.A", Chief Keef has such a good relationship with Zoes that he even said he was going to move to Miami to be closer with his Zoes from North Miami.






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