YOLO is an acronym for the phrase “You Only Live Once”. Though ‘You Only Live Once’ has always been a popular term, the acronym didn’t become popular until rapper Drake used it in his song ‘The Motto’ in which he says “You only live once ‒ that’s the motto n*gga YOLO”. A remix version of The Motto was later release with Drake featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga.

YOLO is often compared to ‘Carpe Diem’ which means to seize the day, but unlike Carpe Diem, it’s normally use when an individual is making stupid/brash decisions. Comedian Jack Black said “Yolo is Carpe Diem” for stupid people, and many agreed with him because most people using Yolo, use it to make bad decisions. For example, in September 2012 Erwin McKiness was driving drunk and decided to tweet the following "Drunk af going 120 difting corners #F**kItYOLO,". That would be his last text, he crashed minutes later, killing himself and his passenger.

As the acronym YOLO started getting more popular, companies started making products with YOLO on them such as shirts and hats. Drake, seeing how YOLO only became popular after he used it, believed he was owned some royalties from those profiting off of it. In December 2012, Drake posted a picture of numerous merchandises with YOLO on them, and demanded a check from its distributors by adding the following captions at the end of the pictures “Walgreens…You gotta either chill or cut the cheque” and “Macy’s….Same goes for you”.

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