Tink is a female rapper and singer from Calumet City in Chicago, Illinois. She started rapping at 15 years, her first song was a remix of the Clipse’s grinding song, which she recorded with her brother in the basement of the dad’s house. After the song was done, she posted it on her facebook page for feedbacks, the positive reviews she received from her peers motivated her to keep rapping. One unique trait about Tink that makes her stand out from her fellow Chicago rappers is that she can also sing. Tink used to sing as a kid in church, and has beautifully incorporated her singing talents in her raps. Tink is often compared to Lauryn Hill because of her ability to sing and rap.

Tink has released numerous mixtapes, her first was an R&B mixtape titled ‘Winters Diary’, following the release of her first mixtape, she decided to focus more on her rapping career and released “Alter Ego” as her second mixtape. Tink has worked with numerous other up and coming rappers from Chicago including Lil Herb, S. Dot, Lil Bibby, and Sasha Go Hard among others. Tink has released numerous videos which can be viewed on youtube, some of her most popular videos are “Treat Me Like Somebody”, “Molly Love”, “Fingers Up”, and “Bonnie and Clyde” among others.


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