Tadoe was born “Darron Rose” in Chicago, Illinois. He is a rapper and a member of the rap label Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), which is owned by Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. Tadoe is also Chief Keef’s cousin. Though Tadoe’s lyrics are often praised by critics, he is not one of the most popular members of GBE. Tadoe also has very few songs out, though he has some highly rated videos on youtube.

Tadoe Vs. Mack Maine

During a birthday party being throwned for DJ Khaled in Miami, rumor has it that, Tadoe hit Mack Maine in front of Birdman. Tadoe later tweeted some tweets which many saw as him confirming the rumors by saying “Mack mané a B*TCH he a opp". Tadoe’s producer Big Born also tweeted on the matter which seems to indicate that Tadoe did in fact hit Mack Maine by saying “"@GBE_TADOE gave Mac Maine of YMCMB that GBE business @ CLUB DREAM in MIA rite in front of STUNNA fa tryna tweak with him. #GBE #AINTFANUN”

Mack Maine never directly addressed the problem, instead he sent a tweet, which most are considering a reply to the altercation that read “This new generation believe everything they hear and nothing they see!!!! Start thinking before y'all speak...back to the paper.” Some other individuals such hip-hop blogger Karen Civil claimed that there was no altercation.

Gang Association

Tadoe, like most of his fellow GBE members is a member of the Black Disciples gang.


GBE and Soulja Boy’s record label use to be affiliates, that soon changed after one of GBE’s member ‘Ballout’ stole one of Soulja’s chain. In retaliation, Soulja Boy had a crip member stole Tadoe’s watch. Soulja Boy later tweeted on the situation saying “Ballout grabbed a fake Jesus chain from my house while i wasn’t home so we took Tadoe watch now we even i will never f*ck will y’all again,” It was later found that Tadoe’s watch was fake, and Soulja Boy threatened to break it.

Fun Facts

GBE members are always soaking each other as pranks, many of those videos have been uploaded online, and it seems as if Tadoe gets drenched more than any other members.

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