Swagg Dinero

Swagg Dinero
Swagg Chicago Rapper
Swagg(Swagg Dinero) was born “John Coleman, Jr”, son of an African-American father (John Coleman) and a Mexican mother, is a rap artist from Chicago. Swagg’s name is often spelled as ‘$wagg’ whereby a dollar sign replaces the S. Swagg’s rap style is considered drill or trap music. Swagg is well known for being Lil JoJo’s brother whom was gunned down in 2012 in what appeared to have been a result of gang violence.

Swagg Dinero has numerous rap videos on youtube, one of his most popular videos is one he did with his brother Lil JoJo titled “Have It All” which to date has received millions of views. Following Lil JoJo’s death, Swagg has released numerous other songs and has continued the beef his brother had with Chief Keef and his ((Glo gang affiliates.

Lil JoJo(Swagg’s Brother)’s Death

In 2012, Lil Jojo(Swagg’s brother) was gunned down in the streets of Chicago. Many believe that the shootout was a result of an ongoing beef with Chief Keef and his gang the Black Disciples, which is a rival of Lil JoJo’s gang the Gangster Disciples. There was a rumor going around that Joseph was on a bike when he was shot at. However, John debunked this rumor online several times via social media. Swagg would later go on television with Joseph's mother to discuss the his brother’s death and that he believes that his brother's death had a purpose. A couple of months later, Chief Keef’s brother “Ulysses ‘Chris’ Gissendanner III” was killed with a gunshot to the back of the head in January 2013, Swagg commented on his death by saying ““I aint da Only one who lost a bro either. For all you dumb *ss fans just sayin anything”.

LiL JoJo Vs Chief Keef Beef

Ever since Swagg’s brother got killed, there has been numerous words being passed back and forth between him and Chief Keef. Swagg wrote on his twitter account “An we don’t neva pay fa pu**y. Cuz dats some #GBE sh*t,” which is an obvious reference Chief Keef and his crew(GBE) paying for sex. Though those claims are not verified, Chief Keef did post a tweet on his twitter account which many see as validation to Swagg’s claim, Chief Keef once wrote ““I jus had a threesome Cuda been a freesome But im no a cheapone so I gave dey *ss Fivehunna #300,”. That tweet seemed to indicate that Chief Keef was with some prostitute.

Swagg Vs Cashout Beef

In 2013, Cashout, a Chicago rapper and Fly Boy Gang (FBG) member released a music video titled “Phone Call” in which he dissed Swagg Dinero. In the song he says “I know you aint about that life” which is an obvious diss to Swagg. Cashout is a member of the Gangster Disciples from St Lawrence. Many websites and reporters have wrongly labeled Cashout as Lil JoJo’s bother, they are not brothers, they were from the same gang (different sets) and likely referred to each other as brothers due to their gang ties.

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