SuWu TTB is a set of the Black P. Stones gang in Chicago, Illinois. Some of their members include known rappers such as TTB Nez. They are closely allied with 051 Young Money which is a Mickey Cobra set. Though named SuWU, this particular set of the P. Stones gang have no affiliation with the Bloods gang; their name is however influenced by Lil Wayne, whom have made reference to the Suwu Bloods in many of his songs. According to authorities SuWU turf is from 37th to 39th streets between Ellis and Lake Park avenues just west of Lake Michigan.

Hadiya Pendleton Death

On January 29, 2013, Hadiya Pendleton was shot dead by 2 members of the SuWU gang. According to authorities, Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams, both SuWu members, were on the hunt for 46-Terror (Black Disciples set) rival gang members, and accidentally shot Hadiya Pendleton. Police records show that Williams was shot in July, 2012, by members of 46 Terror but survived. A member of the 46 Terror gang was later apprehended for the shooting, but Williams refused to cooperate, and instead went on a hunt for revenge. On January 29, 2013, Williams (Getaway driver) and Ward (Shooter) accidentally shot Hadiya Pendleton while standing with friends under a canopy at Harsh Park in the 4400 block of South Oakenwald. This incident highlighted the gun violence plaguing Chicago due to the fact that Hadiya recently participated in President Barack Obama's inauguration as a Baton Twirler. President Barack Obama later came down to Chicago to give a gun violence speech in honor of Hadiya Pendleton.

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