Stitches (Rapper)

Stitches (born Phillip Katsabanis) is a rapper from Miami, Florida whom is well known for his hit song “Brick In Yo Face”. He has released one mixtape titled “No Snitching Is My Statement” in 2014. During an interview, Stitches claim that his name “Stitches” has been legally trademarked for the purposes of “entertainment rendered by a musical act.” Prior to adapting the name Stitches, he was known as Lil Phil.

Stitches Tattoos

Stitches is well known for the tattoos in his face. He has stitch tattoos on both sides of his face, as well as an AK-47 tattoo on the right side of his face. During an interview with VICE, Stitches said he got the tattoos on his face when he was 16 years old because people kept snitching on him, he believed the tattoos would get snitches to think twice before ratting him out. He also claims he got the AK-47 tattoo on his face because that’s his favorite weapon.

Stitches As Lil Phil

Prior to adapting the moniker “Stitches”, he was known as Lil Phil. There are multiple videos on youtube showing him rapping as Lil Phil including a rap battle against Ramiro. The video below is a song by Lil Phil titled “I’m Lil Phil.”

Stitches had a rap battle against another rapper named Ramiro under the moniker Lil Phil. Though the video shows Lil Phil rapping most of the video, Ramiro came in, and ended the battle with 1 line in which he said “N*gga couldn’t afford earrings so he got tattoos of it.”

Stitches – Brick In Yo Face

Brick In Yo Face is arguably the break out hit that brought Stitches to the spot light, prior to this song, Stitches was just another unknown rapper from Miami, Florida. Stitches dropped the video when he was 18 years old, as soon as the video dropped, it quickly garnered millions of views on Youtube and Stitches was being interviewed by numerous media outlets, including Vice which posted a biography of Stitches on their website. The “Brick In Yo Face” song had all the qualities to go viral, a hot beat, an energetic rapper, and catchy lyrics about guns and drugs, so it didn’t surprise Hip Hop critics that the song became popular. Two of the song’s most popular lines are “I put that brick in your face - Now what you gon' do with it?” and “I LOVE SELLIN' BLOW!!!!!!!!”

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