Rodney Boss Trell Stewart

Rodney “Boss Trell” Stewart was a Gangster Disciples gang member that was shot to death on November 8, 2012, he was 17 years old at the time. Boss Trell sustained a gunshot wound to the head, and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but later died as a result of his injuries. The Chicago Police Department claim they had found a gun on Boss Trell.

Rodney Stewart was living with his grandmother at the time of the shooting, his grandmother said her grandson was a good kid, and had plans for his future. Her grandmother also said that Boss Trell knew he was in trouble , he apparently bought some bus tickets to move to Iowa to live with two friends. Boss Trell wouldn’t get a chance to make the trip, because he was gunned down 2 days before moving.

Rodney “Boss Trell” Stewart is often praise by members of his gang in rap songs. Cashout, a member of the Gangster Disciples from St Lawrence released a song titled “Dear Boss Trell”. In the song Cashout says “I nicknamed you Max Payne cause you never miss/Brodie, you was killing shit/Crime scene Boss Trell when you come around/Catch a opposition from the other side, you blow em down”. Cashout’s song seem to indicate that Boss Trell was a killer. Some people believe that his murder was a case of revenge by rival gangs. After Boss Trell was murdered, many started speculating that he was the one responsible for murdering Sheroid Liggins, a rival Black Disciples gang member that was murdered earlier in 2012.

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