P Rico-Rapper

P. Rico is a rap artist from Chicago. He is a member of 069 Bricksquad, a faction of the Gangster Disciples. Many other rappers whom he frequently collaborate with are or used to be members of Bricksquad gang, including Lil JoJo , Lil Mister, and Cashout. Like most recent up and coming artist from Chicago, P Rico is part of the Drill Scene.

P Rico’s biggest hit to date is his song ‘Hang With Me’ which has received millions of views on youtube. No Lackin by P. Rico and Lil Mister is yet another song that he is well known for. P Rico is often credited for coining the term No Lackin, along with some of his 069Bricksquad associates. To date P Rico has released one mixtape titled ‘Welcome to Puerto Rico’.

P. Rico Vs Chief Keef Beef

P. Rico’s gang has been beefing with Chief Keef’s group for a while, though there’s no clear reason as to why the feud started, many point to the fact that Chief Keef is a member of the Black Disciples gang, a rival of the Gangster Disciples. When Lil JoJo, a member of Bricksquad (GDs) was killed in 2012, though no one was charged in the murder, many believe he was killed by the Black Disciples. P. Rico recently released a song titled ‘A Lot’ in which he dissed Chief Keef with the line “How you claiming O’ Block when they told you to stop?”.

P. Rico vs Lil Durk Beef

P. Rico is also beefing with Lil Durk whom is also a member of the Black Disciples gang. Around May 2013, rumors started spreading that P. Rico was signed to rapper Yo Gotti. Upon seeing the rumors, P. Rico went on twitter to denounce by telling everyone that he is still an unsigned rapper. After P. Rico posted he wasn’t signed, Lil Durk went on twitter and tweeted “Just got off da phone wit @YogottiKOM he say n*ggas flexin lol,”, which was a sneak diss toward P. Rico. P Rico was not too amused by the tweet and quickly responded to it by tweeting “D*CKRIDER I SAID I WASN’T GOOFY!!!!!!”

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