OTF Nunu

OTF Nunu (McArthur Swindle) was a rapper from the Englewood area in the South Side of Chicago. He was murdered on May 31, 2014 in a parking lot.

OTF Nunu was Lil Durk's cousin, and just like Durk, he was part of the drill movement which started in the South Side of Chicago. Nunu was a member of OTF rap group which is owned by Lil Durk. Nunu and Durk released a video days before getting shot titled 'OC' in which he rapped "These n*ggas be fake, gotta watch them - I’m hot, so I know they plotting". OTF Nunu was getting ready to release a new mixtape titled "Nuski Got The Strap" prior to being murdered.

OTF Nunu Death

On May 31, 2014 while at a parking lot outside the Chatham Village Square Mall in Chicago's South Side. While in the passenger seat of a white SUV, a man on foot walked up to the car and fired multiple shots, OTF Nunu tried to speed away, but ended up crashing into the window of a store; Nunu was later reported dead as a result of his injuries. Many believe that his death was likely the result of the gang war plaguing Chicago, OTF Nunu was a member of Face World, a Gangster Disciples set. Many individuals claim he was murdered by rival Gangster Disciples gang members.

According to numerous reports, Nunu was still alive when the police got to the scene and denied him the necessary help needed to save his life. One of his fellow brothers TBG Meechie said the following the incident, "The police sat there and watched him die they could have helped him but they didn't, he was breathing and he still had a pulse R.I.P Nuski you will live in all of our souls bro #300 #OTF The Family.#Squadddddd TBG Meechie FRM4300".

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