OT Genasis

O.T. Genasis (real name Odis Flores) is a rapper from Long Beach, California. He was born on June 18, 1987 Atlanta, Georgia; his parents are Belizean immigrants. He is currently signed to Conglomerate Records which is owned by Busta Rhymes. He previously signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records in 2011 and released his debut mixtape titled Black Belt in 2012, but he was later dropped from G-unit. OT Genasis rose to fame in 2014 after releasing his hit single titled “Coco.” Some of his more popular songs to date include “Coco,” “Touchdown” and “Jackie Chan.” He performed in BET 2014 Hip Hop Awards’ cypher along with Kevin Gates, G-eazy, and Loaded Lux. OT Genasis has one son.

OT Genasis Gang Affiliation

During an interview with Vice, OT Genasis claim he was never a gang member, however, due to his location, he was affiliated with the gangs in his community since they were everywhere.

OT Genasis – Coco

Coco is arguably OT Genasis’ biggest hit to date. In the song, OT Genasis talks about his love for coco (cocaine). In Coco he raps “I'm in love with the coco - I got it for the low, low.” OT Genasis’ Coco song is often compared to StitchesBrick In Yo Face song since it is considered one of the most popular drug ballad about Cocaine since Coco came along. During an interview with Complex, OT Genasis claim that he fell in love with Cocaine around 2007.

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