Narco Tank

Narco Tanks (rhino truck, or monstruo) are homemade tanks built by drug dealers in Mexico for combat rival cartels and authorities. The use of Narco Tanks peaked in the early 2000s, in 2011, Mexican authorities seized a garage being used by Los Zetas cartel to manufacture the tanks. Prior to the 2011 seizure, criminal gangs were free to roam the streets in these tanks without any challenge from authorities.

Narco Tank Description

The Narco Tanks are built to withstand heavy damage and make it easier for the occupants to shoot targets while being protected.

Narco Tank Weapons

Narco tanks are equipped with armored gun turret on the top of the vehicle. They have cutouts on the side, making it easier for occupants to shoot target while being protected on the inside.

Narco Tank Road Defense

Narco Tanks are equipped with a metal plow which makes it easier for them to run through road blocks. They also have extra tires to make their getaway smoother.

Narco Tank Varieties

There is a wide variety of Narco Tanks, Semi-Trucks can be modified into large Narco Tanks. There are also smaller ones that are equipped with 2-inch of thick steel plates.

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