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L's Up
L's Up
L’s Up is a slang term used by criminals, mostly gang members. The meaning of L’s up varies among users; L can mean love, loyalty, life, among other things. You can throw L’s up just for about anything, including people, gangs, cities, etc. “L’s up for my hittas” is a line used by Lil Durk, whom is a Black Disciples member from Lamron; people often confuse the meaning of ‘L’ in the song for Lamron, since that’s the name of Lil Durk’s gang, but in reality, he’s throwing L’s up for life; in an interview Lil Durk stated this as his meaning for L’s Up “L's, it represents life. That's what I represent it as, life. When you throw the L's up for life, you can't go wrong. Like, no gangbanging, nothing like that.”

The L’s up symbol is made by making an upstanding L shape using your thumb and your index finger. When throwing L’s up, it doesn’t have to be a perfect L, it just has to be pointing up, or else it will be the opposite of L’s up. The opposite of L’s up, is die L’s, which is done as a show of disrespect for that individual’s enemies.

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