Lil Mister

Lil Mister (born Antwon Fields) whom sometimes goes by the moniker Montana, is a rapper from Chicago. He is a member of the Gangster Disciples gang from the set known as Wuga World. Lil Mister ‘s music is often classified in the Drill subgenre of Hip Hop, which is heavily influenced by the harsh street life in Chicago. ‘No Lackin’ by Lil Mister featuring P. Rico is probably his biggest hit to date, another one of Lil Mister’s biggest hit is “Take Off” featuring Diesel, and "Lil Friend"; those videos have received millions of views on youtube. Lil Mister was fatally shot on March 15, 2019.

Lil Mister Vs Lil Reese Beef

Some members of the Gangster Disciples often call themselves ‘Team no Lackin’ which means they are always have their weapon/gun on them and ready for any confrontation that arises. Lil Mister and P. Rico are often given credit for creating the term. Lil Mister, along with his gang are beefing with Chief Keef and his group Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), the feud started with Lil JoJo back in high school, Lil JoJo was killed in 2012, however that did not end the feud.

Lil Reese, a member of Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), and a member of the Black Disciples gang released a song titled ‘No Lackin’ in April 2013. Lil Mister and P. Rico whom coined the phrase weren’t too pleased, Lil Mister tweeted “ONLY 1 TEAM NO LACKIN SHAWTY NEM BUGGING,” . P. Rico added their video for no lackin and titled it “the real no lackin” Many fans also tweeted their displeasure with Lil Reese’s song saying he should not be stealing other people’s song titles especially from those he consider his enemies.

Lil Mister Signed to SOD

Rumors were running wild that Lil Mister had signed with Soulja Boy’s music label ‘SOD’ around April after responding to a tweet from Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy tweeted he had 2 million dollars to sign new artists. On May 6, 2013, a tweet from Soulja Boy confirmed the rumors “My new artist @6775montana about to turn up #sodmg”.

Following Lil Mister’s signing to SOD, Lil Reese took to twitter to display his dissatisfactions with Soulja Boy’s decision by tweeting his intentions of harming both Soulja Boy and Lil Mister “f*ck Sodmg we gone get up wit u no twitter”. The angry tweet was probably a result of Lil Mister dissing Lil Reese on twitter for stealing his slogan ‘No Lackin’ from his song.

Lil Mister Songs

Some of Lil Mister's most popular songs include No Lackin, Lil Friend, and Take Off featuring Diesel. He created videos for all of those songs and they can all be viewed on youtube.

Lil Mister Death

Lil Mister was fatally shot on March 15, 2019, in the 7400 block of South Harvard Avenue. His death came days after claiming he chased down Memo 600 and made him crash his vehicle. Lil Mister claim he was going to release the video if he was paid or if Memo 600 merched it on his dead homies that the event didn't happen. Memo 600 is a rival Black Disciple gang member from the set known as 600.

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