King Lil Jay - Bars Of Clout 2 Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Lil Jay)
I ain't with all the fussin
F*ck a discussion, adrenalin rushing, I see a opp I get to bustin
Get hot you know that it’s nothing, I move outta state with my cousins
You saying f*ck Tooka let you feel the ruger, man that’s the repercussion
Guns got them by the dozen, we come thru we cause corruption
And we causing mass destruction, catching bodies that is nothing
Just like your body count is nothing,
A n*gga want respect from me go and do a hit or something
Pull up on a n*gga, glizzy drop a n*gga, n*gga you a lame you is not official
I'm not f*cking with you, I'll let you feel my pistol
Hollows start popping out they guaranteed to hit you
I had to come take yo life, to me that is beneficial
All of my n*ggas villains, none of my n*ggas civil
Everyone get to blowing, you know I ain't talking whistle
Whipping work in the kitchen, you'd think I know jujitsu
WTO we the opps, clout boyz you know we the gang
I don't f*ck with no lames, catch a opp, he get change I’m insane I like shooting for brains
I’m tatted cause I love the pain, clout lord you know that's the name
Like xans I’m sipping that drank, and smoking fat blunts of Dthang
Got so many guns that is so necessary, 30 shot glock with fn's got guns like the military
Carlito b*tch I’m the greatest, yeah b*tch I’m legendary
And if I catch a case can beat it preliminary
You a one hit wonder yo clout is temporarily,
Got dropped from your label, career in the cemetery
All these n*ggas lame I swear that they very scary,
Doing a hit we march like the month after February
Pull on yo block with them glocks send some shots while you get to running
All my n*ggas villains hit one then we coming,
Saying that im broke, f*ck n*gga you is a dummy
Even ray Charles can see that I’m getting money,
Man this sh*t is so f*cking easy, I swear that you n*ggas can't see me,
Like putting on a blindfold on Stevie, I’m bustin man I need a feature
I’m living my life up in 3d so sit down put on your glasses,
Cause I swear man this sh*t can get creepy
Yo main b*tch she a thot, she a eat eat, I met her out west at a fefe,
Disrespect them GD, you get dropped like Chief Keef

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