Kenson is a Haitian American Rapper From Fort Myers Fl and is a member of Zoe Money Gang ( ZMG ) , a rap label created by DatZoeOfficial and Chef Zoe. Kenson started rapping when he was 10 when his cousin john.B used to be a rapper but later one stopped rapping but he passed the same dream to kenson. Later on kenson hooked up with hero beatz which is who produced all his beats , Kenson also started his own label late 2012 " Trust & Believe Music " . Kenson made a name for his self with help from his rap friends DatZoeOfficial and Cheff Zoe. Kenson has several songs out including "Broke" and "Struggle Made Me" Ft DatZoeOfficial; both tracks were produced by hero Beatz .

Kenson - Broke Music Video

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