Kay Real - Line UP Lyrics

(Verse 1 - Kay Real)

My Voice is raspy from the marijuana smoke its potent floating 30 thousand feet up in the sky and i ain't chokin


What the fuck im sayin these other rappers can't even spit they dehydrated !!!!

And the rest of them rhianna left them thirsty had em dryer then a desert like pinky just

Did a porn wit em

Im just another villian only call me real the realest every time u hear my song play turn it
Up n*gga

Had a couple dollars went and bought a Arizona then i use the other dollar on dutch master

Then i hit my manz up he said he had the Buddha

I told him that i had the rolly he said cool


So u tryna roll up he said yea n*gga i told him hold it down ima be their n*gga

He sed hurry up im really tryna spark up i said me 2 hung up and started to speed walk

So im walkin speed walkin now im runnin then i finnaly pull up to his crib im so relived
But i

Knocked on his door i hit 3 knocks

He opened it up i saw 3 Glocks

All i heard was .. gimme ya watch i got lined up and didn't even go to barbershop

And thats just a lesson for you younger n*ggas thinkin that these n*ggas ya manz an on ya team


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