Jonathan "Scrap" Duncan

Jonathan "Scrap/SOD/Bobe" Duncan, 22, was a top hitter for the Folly Boy gang in Chicago, IL. He was murdered on June 10, 2012, while doing a hit on rival gang 50 Strong. According to authorities, Scrap pulled up to a 50 Strong block party/basketball game with one unidentified individual armed with an AK-47 and various other weapons. They spotted their target and opened fire killing 50 Strong member Shondell Adams. Scrap was killed at the scene of the crime by nearby 50 strong members, and the unidentified individual he was with managed to escape.

Scrap Gang – SOD

Following Scrap’s death, Folly Boy adopted the nickname Scrap Gang, and to this day remains one of the gang’s most used nicknames. Folly Boy also adopted the nickname SOD, which stands for Scrap or Die.

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