Jewels "Dougo" Selvie

Jewels "Dougo" Selvie, 19, was a member of 50 Strong, a set of the Gangster Disciples in Chicago, IL. He was shot and killed in 2011 in a drive-by hit. Though authorities never caught his shooter, they believe it was a member of 50 Strong’s rival, Folly Boy. That hit came after 50 Strong killed a couple members of the Folly Boy, Zach, B-luv it and Mac.50 Strong would take that hit very personal since Dougo was a well-liked member of the gang and retaliation would soon follow leaving 2 more Folly Boy members dead, Kamakazi Mazi and Zio.

Doug Gang

Following Dougo’s death, 50 Strong adopted the nickname Doug Gang in his honor.

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