Javan Boyd

Javon Boyd
Javon Boyd

Javan Boyd was a 28 year old Livery Driver(cab driver) whom was shot 7 times on February 22, 2014. Boyd was brought to a nearby hospital where he would later die as a result of his injuries. On March 10, 2014, RondoNumbaNine, a well-known rapper from Chicago's South Side and Black Disciples gang member was charged with his murder and held on a 2 million dollars bail. According to authorities, Javan Boyd, was shot in vehicle while waiting for a fare, following an earlier argument with RondoNumbaNine and associates. Authorities also claim they have some tape evidence as well as fingerprints linking RondoNumbaNine to the murder. Authorities said they have a couple of eyewitnesses whom have identified RondoNumbaNine along with another unnamed individual as the shooters. According to witnesses, as Javan Boyd was waiting for a fare around 4 am on February 22, 2014, RondoNumbaNine approached his vehicle with an accomplice and fired multiple shots inside the vehicle, striking Boyd 7 times. On March 18, 2014, RondoNumbaNine's accomplice was identified as fellow 600 Black Disciples gang member Cdai. Cdai was charged with murder and is being held on a 1 million dollars bail.


RondoNumbaNine is a member of the rap group OTF, which is owned by Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk, and is rumored to also be a member of the Coke Boy record label owned by rapper French Montana. RondoNumbaNine is part of the Drill Movement from Chicago's South Side, a genre of music which often detail the activities of gang members and other criminals. The murder charge comes to no surprise to those familiar with RondoNumbaNine's lyrics, which often talk about murdering rival gang members and enemies whom are often referred to as opps.

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